Tomorrow is New Years Eve, and yet another year will have flown by.

As is now tradition I shall end the year with a look back at this years most popular posts. They’re not the most read posts overall necessarily, that’s a topic for another post perhaps, they’re simply the posts I wrote this year that got the most views.

I put together one of these round ups in 2013 and 2014 and often I find it’s the more introspective posts that make it into the Top 10. This year was a bit of a change, though, and I’m noticing a lot more “how to” type posts showing up. Did I write more of these this year? Are people more interested in How To posts in 2015, or is it completely random? Who knows?

Still, on with the countdown….

10. Dress Down Denim

Dress Down Denim

Somewhat surprisingly number 10 of 2015s most popular posts is just a simple outfit post that I snapped on my way into town for a meeting, a meeting that involved cocktails. It is notable only really because I am wearing trousers, something I rarely do! It is a cute outfit though, all from Collectif, bring back the warmer weather so I can wear it again!

9. My Magic Wand

My Magic Wand

At number 9 is a review of the Babyliss Diamond Waves curling wand. A review I suspect showed up in the top 10 because the ambiguous title and slightly, erm, interesting looking featured photo made people wonder what the hell I was up to. Note to self, try nefarious tactics more often in blog titles.

8. 5 Things I Can’t Wear

5 Things I Cant Wear

Slightly more popular than some of the things I DID actually wear was an August post in which I list several things I can’t.

I also loved reading the comments on this in which people told me about all the things THEY couldn’t wear. The flood gates were opened and the myth that you can wear ANYTHING as long as you’re confident was exploded for good!

7. How to Dye Your Own Roots at Home


Showing up at number 7 is the first of the How To posts as I post photos of myself looking atrocious with bleach on my hair and share how I dye my own roots at home.

6. 10 Ways to Cheer Yourself Up

ways to cheer yourself up

At number 6 is a post I wrote the day after the General Election results left me feeling miserable.

10 Ways to cheer yourself up was my attempt to bring back some positivity, written from my blanket fort where I was watching Adventure Time in my pyjamas. I do like working from home.

5. The Perfect Black Skirt and Other Basics

perfect black skirt

At number 5 was another simple outfit post, but one that I know was popular because of the skirt that I bought. It was simple, some might say boring, but it’s become a wardrobe staple and I’m not sure how I ever managed to get dressed without it. I have the skirt in black and red, and I also bought it in a smaller size as I lost some weight this year, but I’m still hanging onto the bigger one for now, just in case.

4. The Outfits I Never Get to Wear

outfits I never get to wear

It’s unusual for 4 outfit posts to make it into the years top 10, but at number 4, we find another one! I still haven’t worn this outfit exactly like this, mostly because those boots now need reheeling, which means they have joined my shoe graveyard of perfectly decent shoes I will never get around to getting repaired.

3. How to Wear a Crop Top

How to wear a crop top

At number 3 is another outfit post, masquerading as a how to post, which might explain its appearance. I am imagining lots of disappointed people who weren’t sure how to wear a cropped top arriving at my blog to find just pictures of me wearing a cropped top.

Sorry folks, but that is how to wear a crop top. Buy one. Wear it.

2. How to Turn a T-Shirt into a Bardot Top

how to turn a t shirt into a bardot top

This one is a genuine “how to” post, and comes from my selection of things that I assumed everyone must know how to do, because if I know, and I am the least crafty person in the world, then it must be easy.

Turns out everyone didn’t know, and genuinely wanted to know how I turned all my t-shirts into bardot tops, thus making them much more flattering and wearable, for me at least.

1. 5 Vintage Myths

5 vintage myths

At the top, my most read post of the year got more views than all the other posts in the top 10 combined. It was very widely shared by some people with big followings when I posted it, and seemed to strike a bit of a chord with a lot of lovers of vintage.

It’s not all cupcakes and bunting you know……