The end of the world is nigh.

At least that seemed to the overwhelming theme of the Facebook posts on my friends list after the US election results came in on Wednesday morning.

With the end of the world approaching and a serious apprehensive feeling about the future, it seemed appropriate to take a tip from Shaun of the Dead.

Go to the Winchester, have a pint, and wait for this all to blow over.

Except the Winchester isn’t in Norwich, and it’s a block of flats now anyway, so we went to Wetherspoons instead.

Of course a primary “end of the world” consideration is what on earth to wear. Considering this particular apocalypse didn’t involve running away from Zombies it seemed like a good excuse to wear my
new black and white striped full skirt.


I’d been after a black and white striped full skirt for a while, but frankly I’m mostly too cheap to pay full price for the ones I’ve seen. Then I spotted this one in the sale on ASOS and snapped it up quick.

It’s a nice, thick, woven fabric, that stands out nicely rather than falling flat. My only minor issue is that the stripes don’t line up on the sides, so I just avoid looking at them.

I did have plans to wear this with some super bright colours and it would look amazing. But on Wednesday I was cold I just wanted to wear a cosy jumper and thick tights, so that’s what I did. Though I did attempt to add a splash of colour with my POW necklace!





Being able to take an afternoon off to drown your sorrows is one of the advantages of self employment and we had a thoroughly lovely, cosy, afternoon sat by a pub window, watching the world go by.

Then by 9pm we were back, tucked up at home watching Netflix and eating stew.

When I took these photos off my camera to edit I also discovered some bonus snaps that we’d stopped to take in the dark on the way home. I think we can see why it’s best not to take outfit photos when you’ve had a drink. Though they do at least provide evidence that I was wearing a coat.


♥ Roll Neck – Next (very old) ♥ Striped Skirt – ASOS  ♥
♥ Necklace – Can’t remember  ♥ Shoes – Lotus Shoes  ♥
♥ Coat – Vintage  ♥ Gloves – Dents*  ♥