Ok guys, if you ever see me make a stupid suggestion like “Hey, lets try and earn 500 fitness points on my TomTom watch every day” in the future. Tell me to stop.

I picked that as my goal because TomTom counts 500 points as “improving” and that’s what I wanted, to improve my cardio fitness. However, that also meant that as it improved it took longer and longer to earn the blooming points and the last couple of weeks have been HARD WORK, like srsly.

However, I made it! This morning I went to the gym. I did some kettlebell swings with a 20kg kettlebell, skipping, deadlifts at 75kg, split squats at 45kg, dumbell bench press with 14kg dumbells, hamstring curls, single leg Romanian deadlifts on a bosu ball, tricep dips and press ups, and my watch begrudgingly granted me 160 points.


I didn’t even attempt the brisk walk home strategy, and instead did 5 minutes on the best rowing machines we had at our gym and 5 on the cross trainer. 5 of each because cardio machines are SO BORING.

Janathon has definitely improved my cardio. It’s a lot harder to raise my heart rate now, which is great.

I missed those 500 points on 3 days. One when I was bedridden with food poisoning, and the day after when a long walk had to suffice as I was still pretty ill, then again on the 21st when I injured my hamstring.

Still, not too shabby I think! Here’s todays final points haul.

I am, however, looking forward to being able to take rest days again as I’m REALLY tired. Like REALLY.

Having said that, I do plan to keep the cardio up. Maybe keep those cardio machines (ugh) at the end of gym sessions to make sure I hit 500 points on days when I’m at the gym, and heading out for a short run, even if I don’t have time for a longer one. It seems every little really does help.

I am unoffcially decided that February is now #Flexuary as the next thing I need to sort out is my truly appalling flexibility. Aim, 20 minutes of stretches a day. I promise not to bore you with daily blog posts about it though.

Janathon, out.