Good morning! How are we all today? Often I start my weekly diaries by declaring I have basically done NOTHING, but I don’t intend to let that stop me talking about it, oh no.

This is not one of those weeks.

This week has actually been pretty busy by my standards. That means that this morning I am veeery sleepy. I plan to blow away the cobwebs by accompanying Mr Chick on his long run and then gluing myself to the sofa with Netflix and a cup of tea for company.

Anyway, this week I…..

Couldn’t walk for 4 days

So, I do all that going to the gym lark for Roller Derby and I actually have a plan and everything. In January I was working on strengthening up some areas, then in February I planned to work onto some more energetic workouts that would make me more explosive and agile. That started with a new legs workout on Monday. There was jumping on and off boxes and one legged jumps and calf raises.

By Thursday I could almost walk again.

I’m assuming it will get easier!

Blew the Budget

Yes, that’s right, I blew the budget on a Wetherspoons Hot Dog. Regular readers will know that we are on a strict budget at the moment. I am attempting to manage that budget in a super strict fashion. Mr Chick was very keen to go and see Trainspotting, so we traded in some Tesco Clubcard points for cinema tickets and thought we’d treat ourselves to that Wetherspoons lunch we didn’t have at Christmas.

That wasn’t the bit that blew the budget. When we went the Cinema we discovered they now sell WINE, and they let you take it into the auditorium. It was obviously high quality wine, that comes in plastic bottles, right? Still, we were very excited and blew the budget on a bottle. Then we stopped at the pub on the way home and we now have £30 left till the end of February. Still, at least we had a nice day. (PS. Don’t worry about us, food and a couple of other events are budgeted for elsewhere, we won’t starve.)



I’m not a big protester. I don’t head out to protest just anything, but some things are important. So on Wednesday night I went and stood in the cold along with hundreds of other people to protest not only the fact that Donald Trump is a big baby man child who shouldn’t be allowed to be in charge of important things like, er, America, but also that our Government shouldn’t roll out the red carpet for him and pretend his policies aren’t their problem.

Shortly after the inauguration I felt like every single post in my Social feeds was about some new appalling bill or tantrum from Trump. When fashion posts popped up it felt somewhat jarring and I wondered if I should address how I felt about it in a separate post rather than keep wittering on about candles and frocks? I didn’t, because to be honest I just didn’t know where to start. I still don’t, but standing in the cold for an hour is the least I can do.

Had a Haircut

Yes, it’s bi-monthly hair cut time.

I’m still sticking with the undercut pixie and I just love it when it’s freshly done. It’s so easy to look after. The most time consuming bit is that my roots need doing far more often because the undercut grows out so quickly and I attack it with clippers every couple of weeks.

Ate a whole box of biscuits

It isn’t Valentines Day yet, but that doesn’t stop me eating Valentines Biscuits.

Biscuiteers sent me a box of their vintage Valentines love letter biscuits and they didn’t make it through the week!

They are so delicious, as well as beautiful, and I think a nice alternative to a cliche box of chocolates if you happen to prefer a nice cup of tea and a biscuit!

The boxes of biscuits are pricey, but all hand iced and personalised, so totally worth it. If your budget is as strict as mine then they also have smaller gifts like cute gingerbread men, and “valentines cards” made from biscuits.

Had a very long day of Derby

Saturdays are always long. We have off skates and on skates training that lasts from 10:30-2:30 on a Saturday. I enjoy it, it’s chance to really get into a particular aspect of training, and also a chance to eat lots when I get home under the defense of “refuelling”.

Yesterday, however, I didn’t even get chance to do that. I stayed till 5pm to referee a closed door game between our mens team, the Smacksons, and the Weald Warriors. Then I had to scoot home, de stink myself, eat a ready meal, and then head out for a team bonding session with the Brawds and training squad. There was fun and games, and we all know each other a little better, plus we threw a beach ball around with no major injuries or breakages. Hurrah!

12 hours of Roller Derby based activities is a lot of Roller Derby based activities.

Hmmm, maybe I could watch a game this afternoon. Honestly, there’s no such thing as too much Derby.

And that, was what counts as quite an eventful week in my life! Hair cuts, hot dogs, protests, biscuits and refereeing!