Welcome to another week.

The weather is pretty grotty, so at this time of year I grab any excuse to celebrate and cling onto it for dear life, and it just so happened that this weekend another opportunity presented itself.

On Saturday lunch time I had my Sign Off sessions for Level 2 Roller Derby Skills with The Norfolk Brawds. Our league has 4 levels in total before you can play in public bouts, but passing Level 2 means that after some mandatory contact classes I will be cleared to take part in scrimmage practice and actually start learning to play the game properly. Anyway, not to bore you with all the details, I’ll keep that for Lipstick, Lettuce & Lycra, but suffice to say I passed, and thus a reason to celebrate was born!

roller derby

I swear I have no clothes to wear at the moment. I really am struggling with my winter wardrobe this year. I had a pair of tights from My Tights that I was planning to save for Valentines Day, but I decided they needed a Saturday outing and used them and a kimono wrap to jazz up a very boring black jersey dress.

Full length

♥ Kimono – ASOS ♥ Dress- M&S via a Charity Shop ♥ Tights c/o My Tights ♥ Shoes – Chie Mihara from Bettylicious* ♥

back seams

Don’t worry, there is also a coat lurking just out of shot, but all outfit posts from November to March can’t feature me in the same winter coat or it would be very dull, so I briefly shivered in the name of outfit photos.

The Chie Mihara shoes are super comfortable for walking into town, but also make me feel super elegant, and seeing as I was celebrating a Roller Derby win I topped it off with my custom Norfolk Brawds name necklace, from Sugar & Vice.

face gem warfare

I went out about 4pm, but I was pretty exhausted after sign offs, it’s quite an intense session, so I actually found myself curled up back on my sofa by 8pm. Still, it was good to feel celebratory and have something to brighten up the gloomy weather!