When Monday dawns it will be December, and, of course, the start of the Retro Chick Advent Calendar!

With just 2 days left of November it’s time for what seems to be becoming a regular look back over the month that was, courtesy of a few carefully chosen snaps from my Instagram.

In November I worked very hard. Some of that hard work was terribly professional, appearing on a panel at the World Travel Market conference, and some of it involved drinking beer, eating food and learning to make my own cocktails and attending a fun event hosted by the Sunday Beauty School. It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it. I also discovered that Cosmopolitan had included my “other blog” on a list of fitness bloggers you should follow. Which was very nice indeed!

I wore stuff and took photos of it, because I’m a fashion blogger and that’s what I do. I also tried out one of those mirror apps that loads of people use and it just made me look like I was trapped in a small room with my own doppelganger, and very miserable about it.

I ate and drank nice things, and then I took photos of it and put it on instagram, because what is instagram without photos of your dinner? Particular favourites were the yummy meal at a vege restaurant in Norwich called Wild Thyme and some awesome mexican food at a place in Preston city centre. I also put Jack Daniels honey in my hot chocolate, I highly recommend it!

Also, there was sporty stuff. I have to make up for all that food somehow! November featured my second public Roller Derby game in Chelmsford, during which I spent large amounts of time in the penalty box, still at least I got a bit of a sit down. There was also lots of running in preparation for the wettest, rainiest Half Marathon ever at the end of the month and my first ever gym mirror selfie, a momentous occasion.

And finally, in November, there was the beginnings of a bit of Festive cheer as the lights came on, the Christmas sandwiches arrived in the supermarkets and my first Christmas card arrived from Abilu Creations!

I did other stuff too, like watching Poirot and drinking lemonade through curly straws. If you like to see photos of that kind of stuff, then you can follow me on Instagram!

In the meantime, enjoy your last 2 days of November because soon it will be all Christmas songs, tinsel and fairy lights, and there’s nothing you can do about it!