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Things I Tried in November


I’ve always been one of those people who likes to try the latest thing and one of things I love about blogging is that people send you samples of things to try. I’ve been astonishingly bad in the past at “reviewing” these things. I’m quite a wordy writer, so sometimes it’s a little hard to drag a new smoothie or protein bar out into a full blog post, so I thought I might start doing little monthly round ups of some of the things I’ve tried and what I thought about them! So, without further ado, here are a few products I’ve tried in November! Everything But the Cow Protein shakes have traditionally been the preserve of weightlifters and body builders, but as the importance of protein for muscle repair…

Roller Derby

My Roller Derby Cherry Popper Bout


Big thanks to those of you that posted calming things on my last post about preparing for my first Roller Derby Bout. Naturally none of it made any difference at all, and I spent much of last week alternating between extreme calmness and total panic. A Tuesday night practice scrim went really well and was…


Norwich Half Marathon 2014


As I sit here writing I have my curtains half drawn to stop the sun hitting my eyes, what a dramatic difference from yesterday! Last years Norwich Half Marathon was my first one. I trained hard for 3 months, ran to raise money for Parkinsons UK and raised over £740. Once I was done I…

Race for Life 2014


Well, last time I ran Race for Life Twilight I said I might turn up late and skip the warm up, but I didn’t mean this late. Last weekend I ran Race for Life with the Norfolk Brawds at the Norfolk Showground, and the start was like every nightmare I ever had in the run…

Trowse 10k 2014 – My Slowest 10k Yet!


Ah, it must be Easter Sunday, because once again I’m up at stupid o’clock in the morning to run the ridiculously early starting Trowse 10k. It doesn’t even start at 11am like lots of races. It starts at 9am. They don’t send your number out in advance either so you can just bimble up at…

City of Norwich Half Marathon 2013

Saturday night I spent dreaming that I missed the start of the Norwich Half Marathon and had to get my friend to drive me up, an hour late, as I had to run anyway as so many people had sponsored me. Thankfully it was a dream, not a premonition, and Sunday morning saw me lined…