Hi! We made it to Sunday, so I hope you’re doing something nice to reward yourself.

Personally I am now on Sunday afternoon sofa time with the Pugs and planning to move as little as possible till tomorrow. Based on Instagram recommendations I have started watching Locke & Key, which I’m enjoying so far. But first, this week I….

Made it rain

We went camping. So it was obviously time for the humid weather to break, thankfully. There was torrential rain, there was beer, it was bliss.

Also, you’re welcome.

Did not go to the beach

Our first day camping was nice and cool and drizzly, so we thought it was a great opportunity to take the Pugs, who are as keen on hot weather as I am, to the beach.

Unfortunately what we did not do was check the tide times, and we also did not realise that our favourite beach, was COMPLETELY under water at high tide. So instead we went and had a coffee and bought a photo of the beach instead.

Nearly chopped my finger off

Ok, minor exaggeration, but I tried to wash one of the cheap “plastic” glasses we bought from BM and they instead turned out to be made of incredibly cheap glass which shattered when I tried to wash the inside. Of course, being on blood thinners meant the place immediately looked like a murder scene, but a couple of plasters and a while with my hand in the air and I was fine.

Drank too much wine

We had dinner in the pub on the campsite and it took an age to get served so we ordered more wine, then there was more wine in the tent, and we got overexcited with having such a lovely time and booked another nights stay, and then there was a teeny tiny hangover the next day.

Had a doggie day out

We decided to treat the teeny tiny hangover by giving the Pugs a lovely day out. We took them to Cromer to the Doggie Diner, which I highly recommend if you have fur babies. They scoffed sausage and cheese washed down with a pupaccino and generally lived their very best lives.

Then we finally went to the beach, they love the beach. Sadly the overcast and occasionally drizzly weather suddenly decided to take a turn for the sunny and hot, and the Pugs were panting despite the sea breeze, so we only stayed 15 minutes and headed back to the campsite.

Did not stay another night

We were back at the campsite, we’d eaten a camping dinner of all the leftover bits we hadn’t had for breakfast and were preparing to do our regular quiz over Zoom using the campsites wi fi, when all the power went off. Then it came back on. Then it went off and stayed off.

It turned out the power was off for a big chunk of north Norfolk, which meant the pub was without power, there was no wi fi and no hot water. So we decided to ditch the last night under canvas, drive back to Norwich and come back the next day for the tent seeing as we were only 11 miles away.

Sleeping in our own bed felt good!

Failed at adulting

What does “childproof package” mean anyway? I suspect it means “you can’t get into it without incredibly sharp implements” which considering I shouldn’t be trusted with sharp things but I can be trusted with batteries seems not very Gemma safe.

Had coffee on a bench

Last time I had a coffee on this particular bench I was bald, tired and cold. Now I’m just tired, so we have definite progress since January.

And that was another week in my life. How was your week?