Hi there Sunday people!

How are you? The fatigue has hit strong this week, but I am determined to beat it, so I’ve been making sure I keep up the (mostly) gentle exercise.

This evening I am mostly planning an early night. Which will be nice, if not exciting. But first, this week I…..

Had Oktoberfest at home

So this was last Sunday, after I’d written my This Week I, we had a couple of friends round and we drank absurdly strong beer out of absurdly big litre steins and we ate bratwurst and listened to oompah music, because why not?

Watched the funeral

Monday was obviously the Queens funeral. It feels like ages ago now!

I watched, purely because I’ve never seen a state funeral, and I probably never will again since my life expectancy is apparently shorter than King Charles, despite him being in his 70s.

I enjoy a bit of pomp and circumstance, and a state funeral certainly provides that, and it was a farewell to woman who’s been “head of state” not only for my whole life, but my parents whole life.

It will be weird for money to have someone else on it. Not that I’ve used money for a while.

Walked a very long way

A bit too much of a long way actually. The plan was to build up my miles slowly so I was fit for Run Norwich at the end of October. We did 3.5 miles last week, and it felt pretty good. So I wanted to do 4-4.5 miles this week. But we ended up doing 5, then having a beer and there was more walking home, and actually I wiped myself out for a few days. That meant I was then not up to doing any of my C25k sessions later in the week, which is the other prong of my training. So a bit more of a slow build up might be required!

Declared war on Mr Rat

Or Little Ratty Bastard as he is now called.

We bought humane traps, he had his chance. So when we got home and discovered that he had been in our veg box, nibbled everything so we had to throw it away, and then tried to drag a potato under the bath but got stuck, we officially declared war. (I know the wall looks rank. there was a panel on it that Little Ratty Bastard knocked off to make his potato thieving easier.)

We have since discovered that he has gnawed through the drain pipe at the back of the toilet, which is how he is getting in the house. So we’ll replace that. Mr rat has got to go.

Poison has been ordered.

Had a hair cut

Oh yes, it was time to trim the mop again.

I do like it short, though I also miss my Bob. So this time I went with super short sides and a bit more length on top, so by the time next haircut rolls around I’ll have to make a decision whether I want to keep growing it! Opinions welcome, as long as they’re polite!

Had another Oktoberfest

Technically this one was an Oktobyfest as it was at Sir Tobys Beers on Norwich market. There were festival beers, great food from the stalls, and very importantly, hats.

Got up far too early

Someone who drank a lot of strong beer whilst wearing a free hat should not be expected to get up and go for their flu jab at the oddly specific time of 8:04am on a Saturday. Yet here we are.

It took approximately 2 whole minutes to get the jab, and then we went to Starbucks for a PSL and a cheese and marmite panini, plus a puppacino for the Pugs which made them very, very happy.

Watched some outdoor theatre

And seeing as I’m writing this late, I’ll tell you what I got up to today.

This afternoon we went to see Rebel Rabble. A live immersive theatre performance on Mousehold Common. You got silent disco headphones and walked around Mousehold while the story of Kett’s Rebellion was told and actors acted bits out. Interspersed with modern day stories and tales of peoples modern rebellions.

It’s hard to explain, but it was good I promise and there was free coffee and chocolate fingers at the end. If you’re in Norwich it’s still on next weekend, you should go see it.

And that was another week in my life. How was your week?