Well, hey! How’s things? I hope you’re managing to stay cool? I am living in the bedroom, aka “the icebox” where the air con lives, and I’m not leaving. It’s too hot.

Currently I’m watching Buffy on my laptop and shopping for things for my next “distract Gemma from her results” decorating project. 

But before I carry on with that, This week I…

Had cake for breakfast

Monday morning I had to have a blood test, again, and thankfully my GP didn’t cancel it this time. It was at 9am, but we thought it we’d take the Pugs to the park first, but it was a bit too hot even on a “cool” day. So we just stopped at the coffee shop at the end of the road and had coffee and cake for breakfast.

It’s a much more pleasant way to start a Monday than just having needles stuck in you.

Went for a ”run”

It was hot. So we arranged a system where we walked the Pugs in the woods late in the evening, then abandoned me there to “run” home.

I finally moved on to week 2 of Couch to 5k, which meant a whole 90 seconds running, and I was really pleased I managed it. When I think last year I couldn’t walk around the block because of my back, and 6 months ago I could barely walk around the block after my stem cell transplant. I think it’s pretty darn good!

Went to the Pub

Because we knew it was getting stupidly hot again and we wouldn’t want to leave the house so we went to the pub.

We went in a pub we don’t normally go in, it was completely empty, but did have this super cool 70s coffee table. I’m sure we had one like this when I was a kid, and I also think I might have broken it by standing on it. Oops.

Didn’t Dye my hair Pink

I had some Bleach London smoky rose in the  cupboard that I tried on unbleached hair and it failed to have any effect. So I tried it on bleached hair and left it for double the processing time and it still didn’t have any effect. Ok, it was slightly pink in some lights, but literally no one noticed I had dyed it. Unless I mentioned it and they looked closely and went “oh yeah, it’s a bit pink” so that was a waste of time and money.

Again, I have a sneaking suspicion that I bought a Bleach London toner before and it did nothing. So I never learn.

Stayed inside

This is where I live now. If it’s over 25 degrees I spend 22 hours of the day next to the air con unit.

The air con unit with slippers strapped to it with a bungee cord to stop it rattling.

Had to go out

Apparently the world does not stop because I am hot, so I had to go out twice over the weekend.

On Friday I had the excitement of a trip to the hospital to have my Zometa infusion, which was as fun as ever. At least the unit I have this on now has air con so it’s not as disgustingly hot as some of the departments.

Then on Saturday I had a more fun reason to leave the house as I went to the Shine Cancer Support picnic. Mr Gem was a champ and saved me part of the walk by driving into the city, and then I headed over to the park to eat cake in the sunshine and have a lovely chat with some people who get what’s it like to have cancer and be young (stop laughing).

It was hot, I put make up on and it all sweated off my face before I got there, but at least I tried.

Planned ahead

Look. I like autumn, Halloween is my favourite and George at Asda have their Halloween bedding in, so I bought some, even though it’s only August

And that was another week in my life. How was your week? Anything exciting to report?