Well, it was a bit of a week if I’m honest. This whole cancer thing is a learning process, and I’m figuring out how to manage it. But I’ll get there in the end!

Right now I’m slumped on the sofa with the Pugs watching Paper Girls.

But first, this week I……

Missed my Skates

On Monday I went to NSO (Non-Skating Official) for my Roller Derby team. It’s always really nice to see my team mates, but it really makes me miss skating.
I think its unlikely that I’ll ever play again. But if I can get enough flexibility back to actually put skates on and stand up I can referee.

Current goal is to try and ref Intraleague in December.

Bathed a Pug

She didn’t like it.

She rolled in a dead pigeon, which she did enjoy. So it had to happen.

Did Not Do Any Work

Just when you think you’re all organised and have this stuff down, a spanner gets thrown in the works.

This week I had a clinic appointment on Thursday, so a couple of days before I need a blood test.

I was all organised and booked a lunch time appointment at my GP surgery which is 5 minutes walk away. So I’d be gone for a whole 30 minutes.

Then, just as I was sitting down to work I got a text at 10:30 telling me they’d cancelled my appointment.

So instead of working I had to leap up, and walk 30 minutes to the Walk-In clinic because they only do blood tests till midday.

Then when I eventually got home I got a phone call from the hospital asking to move my appointment from Thursday to Friday, and would I mind speaking to a pharmacist instead. So thats an extra day to wait for results.

Honestly, you can never be prepared and routine with this stuff.

Did Not Go to Yoga

So, this is another fun cancer side effect story. Problem number 1 was it was very hot. Since I started treatment I’ve had terrible trouble with temperature regulation and hot flushes. So I rode to the gym, was super sweaty, went to the bathroom and tried to mop my face but the instant I left I just looked like someone had thrown water over me.

Problem number 2. I was prescribed some drugs in April for stomach issues, but the NHS amazing system does not tie up hospital and GP records, so I’ve had problems getting it refilled. So I ran out. The stomach issues recurred (use your imagination guys) and I didn’t think that Yoga was a great idea. So I rode home again.

Disagreed Over Colours

What colour is the cup on the left?

I say yellow. Mr Gem says lime green.

Best compromise from Insta folk is Chartreuse.

Bought some new glasses

I have loads of glasses, but the prescription is wrong on most of them, and I lost my prescription sunglasses somewhere. So I decided to try some of those trendy wire frames. I got a home trial from Glasses Direct.

I ordered the ones at the top and a smaller silver pair that I’ll show you later.

(p.s. I’ve got a £35 off referral link for Glasses Direct if you want it. Click Here)

Discovered I was Stressed

Who’d have thought that monthly blood tests to see if your incurable cancer has progressed would be stressful?

Not me.

But on Friday it turned out I was wrong and my attempts to convince my brain that this was just all totally routine were not working.

I had my phone call, my paraprotein, which is how they measure my progression, had actually slightly dropped from 1.8 to 1.7, and then miraculously, the pain I’d had in my jaw all week disappeared.

It was like a huge weight I hadn’t realised I was carrying lifted. I felt less grumpy and frantic like I’d felt all week, my headache disappeared.

So we went to the pub.

I am formulating excellent coping strategies for next month which include pedicures and decorating my stairs.

Did go to Pilates

Yoga was a fail, but its ok. On Saturday I did manage to make a Pilates class without suffering any embarrassing politely phrased ”stomach issues” hurray!

And that was another week in my life.
How was your week?