Ugh, yesterday was hard. I didn’t quite realise how hard till I woke up this morning and tried to move. I’m pretty sure I head some of my muscles screaming.

It being Janathon there is no rest for the wicked, achey, or just damn lazy, but I decided to keep today pretty easy and just do a very slow run around the block.

So I rolled out of bed, gradually rearranged all my limbs into a standing posture, put on some cosy cold weather running kit and headed outside.


As it turns out the one thing I could almost certainly have left behind was all the cosy cold weather running kit, as today is a gloriously mild and sunny day, and as I huffed and puffed my way up and down those hills I gradually unzipped things and rolled up sleeves as I was boiling!

I aimed to deliberately go slow, under 11’30” miles was the plan, so about a minute slower than normal. I started slow, I finished slow, and I think we can spot the hills on this graph.

CaptureIt was probably more a shuffle than a run, and it *still* felt really hard! I made it home far sweatier than the distance or speed deserved, but I am blaming that on unseasonal and unexpected sunshine!


With that out of the way I now feel entitled to be as lazy as I like all day today, and if there’s one thing I’m pretty darn awesome at it’s being lazy.