SUN! Did you see it? Sun, that came with WARMTH!

I, obviously, still don’t quite trust that the sun is coming with warmth. Oh no, April got me too many times for me to be that trusting. Also I have lived in the UK long enough to know that July and August are the only months where there is a slim chance that you won’t need a coat as soon as the sun goes down.

So, on Wednesday I was brave enough to get my legs out (with tights, I’m not stupid) but I still went out bundled up in a v neck jumper and a big cape.

Casual outfit

Leopard cape

This is the second outing for that short body con skirt. I’m still not completely sold on my legs in short skirts, especially not with flats, but my new-found urge to avoid being described as modest prompted me into bravery.

I wore it with a loose-fitting v-neck and a scarf, which made me boil to death at first, but was perfect temperature as the sun started to go down. See, I am learning from all these years living in Britain. I was aiming for a bit of 60s casual vibe with eyeliner and tousled hair. Sadly I don’t really have a 60s figure, but I love the look nonetheless and don’t plan on letting that stop me!

Orange neck scarf

v neck jumper body con mini skirt

vionics shoes

I was heading out for the evening to have dinner at Pizza Express, on the basis that they had just sent me a voucher for a free bottle of Prosecco as my birthday is coming up (13th May, still time to order me lots of pressies!) then off to the pub to watch TV. My team-mate KelCan was appearing in the Almost Impossible Game Show and we’d arranged to watch it en masse to giggle at her trying to shake croissants off her crotch. If you haven’t seen The Almost Impossible Game Show then I highly recommend it for utter silliness.

Anyway, that sort of evening is the sort of evening when dragging heels around with me just seems pointless. Walk into town wearing flats, change into heels and sit with feet under a table for half an hour, then go to pub and sit down for another hour. Silly. So I stuck with flats all night.

But not just any flats, leopard print flats.

And not just any leopard print flats, the leopard print flats that might just be my footwear saviour!

black mini skirt leopard shoes

leopard print flats

The leopard print flats come from a company called Vionic. My friend works there and they offered me a pair of shoes of my choice to try. Their special feature is that they come with inbuilt orthotics which support the arch of your foot.

I have flat feet and some time ago I was given a pair of orthotics to wear in my shoes, however, they do not fit in any pretty footwear and I am incredibly vain. I therefore persist in wearing cheap ballet pumps that offer no support whatsoever, even when I have to walk long distances, and end up in pain for days afterwards.

Vionics, however, have a nice selection of attractive shoes that offer actual arch support and still look pretty. I mean, they’re not 4″ stilettos, if you’re going to wear those you’re going to have to deal with the pain, but they have ballet flats, loafers and even some nice vintagey appropriate wedges.

They are so ridiculously comfortable to wear AND they’re leopard print.

white v neck jumper

Oh, and KelCan won the Almost Impossible Game show, there was a trophy and everything.


Outfit details:

♥ Jumper – Lyle & Scott ♥ Skirt – New Look ♥ Scarf – Vintage ♥
♥ Shoes c/o Vionic