Good Morning! Isn’t it a beautiful day?

I mean the weather, it is here, I hope it is where you are? If the weather isn’t beautiful then I hope it’s a beautiful day anyway, because you can definitely have a beautiful day without beautiful weather. It’s amazing how much happier a little bit of sunshine can make you feel, even when all the things that were making you grumpy a week ago are still making you grumpy.

I even woke up pretty early for a Sunday, meaning I can reflect on my week in a relaxed fashion. Though according to Mr Chick the reason I woke up so early was that I probably snored myself awake, because I definitely snored him awake.

On that note. This Week I……

Journeyed into Hayfever Hell

Yes folks, lets not forget that with the glorious weather comes the pollen that makes my life a living hell for approximately 6 weeks of the year. So far it seems to have started with a sore throat and some pixies that sneak in at night to pack my sinuses with cotton wool and grit.


Met Some Puppies

Last week I mentioned I was off to my Sisters to visit her puppies. OMG THEY’RE SO CUUUUTTTEEE!

It took every ounce of my strength not to smuggle one home in my handbag. They’re chihuahua puppies and so tiny it’s stupid. They seemed quite fond of me and I spent a happy hour with 4 of them crawling over my legs, and occasionally over my head.


Spent a Night in the Woods

Long term readers will know about our patch of woodland. The caravan is no longer there, but the old hut has been restored to habitability and on Bank Holiday Monday we spent a relaxing and refreshing night in some very peaceful woodland.

We even got visited by a rather brave deer.

When you get a visit from a deer! #nature #wildlife#deer

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There were also bluebells and Donkeys, it was glorious.

Tuesday, of course, turned out to be the day the weather finally changed, so that huge coat I’d dragged all the way down the day before was a total PITA when I had to lug it all the way back up a hill in the blazing sunshine. But lets not complain about that when there’s finally warm weather.

Drank Free Prosecco

May is the month in which our birthday falls and it sees the arrival of newsletters containing birthday freebies. So we decided to go out for dinner and have our free bottle of Pizza Express prosecco. Well, why not?


Appeared on a Big Screen

Well, not me as such. But my words did. My sister is a Younique rep, so I’ve reviewed a few of their products in the past. On Saturday she was at a training conference in Manchester and I suddenly got an excited message to say a quote from one of my reviews had appeared on their big screen. Fame at last!

Here’s a blurry photo of my moment of fame….



Spent Another Sunny Day in Airless Sports Halls

And wore the wrong shoes….

I wouldn’t swap it for the world, but when the weather is glorious and you somehow manage to sign up to spend a whole day from 10:30-5pm inside rooms with no windows some times you doubt your sanity.

Saturday was a full day of Roller Derby, the likes of which we have all agreed as a league will never happen again, though in the end it went without a hitch!

In the morning The Norfolk Brawds played a game against a mixed team of A/B level skaters from Cambridge Rollerbillies. We won, and it was also a great chance to practice some things we’ve been working on against a tough team.

We finished at about 1pm, and then I had to shoot off to Epic studios to spend the afternoon NSOing for 2 rookie games. Our most recent crop of Fresh Meat had just graduated our training course and were playing their first ever games. I had the exciting job of writing down penalties on the white board inside the track, and with the theme being Debutantes Brawl all the NSOs had been asked to dress up. I just had time to shoot home, take off my sweaty Roller Derby kit and put on that gorgeous Boden summer dress that I got back in February with a string of pearls before shooting off to the game.

I was going to wear flat shoes, but the dress deserved better, so I wore what was normally a very comfortable pair of heels, not too high, and nice and chunky. My poor feet weren’t up to it on such a hot day and after being crammed into skates all morning, and by the time the day ended my poor feets were burning.

This is a lesson I should really have learned by now.

There was just enough of that sunshine left when I escaped the dark sports hall to enjoy a pint in a beer garden though, which helped a bit!


How was your week?