Hurrah! Finally a chance to wear some of those Summer dresses!

Yes folks, the weather certainly has taken a dramatic turn for the better and all those summer dresses on the back of my bedroom door started jumping around shouting “Wear me! Wear me!”.

I’m pretty sure there’s a Disney cartoon where clothes start walking around by themselves, or maybe it’s sheets? I have now wasted 10 minutes looking for a photo of it, that I can’t find, so if you can remember what it is please do let me know.

Anyway, as my summer dresses paraded around my dressing room all on their own (this definitely happened, I’m not making it up) I decided it was time to give the glorious reproduction 1940s Sun Dress that Emmy Designs sent me an outing for an impulsive afternoon drinking Pimms on the common.

Emmy Designs 1940s Sun Dress

The sun was so bright it was actually impossible to take photos when we went out at 2pm, and these were taken at 6pm on the way to the pub for MORE PIMMS. As you can see it was still really bright and sunny out.

We spent a lovely few hours sitting in the sunshine drinking, well, actually not drinking Pimms, drinking “Summer Punch” as it was about a third of the price of Pimms. We watched people walking their dogs, fended off visits from over friendly dogs who wanted to say hello and, in Mr Chicks case, rescued tadpoles from a puddle that was drying up in the sun.

This dress is actually called The Pretty Perfect Picnic Dress, and I think it actually is! The fabric is super light and cool, and it has pockets, which I think we all know is a feature guaranteed to instantly make me fall in love with a dress. It’s also pretty crease-proof, as you can see from the fact that I spent all afternoon sat on the floor and the skirt doesn’t look appallingly mangled and creased in these photos.

I also pulled out the “OMG it’s far too hot I can’t be blow drying my hair” hair do for the first time this year, which is a very long name for what it basically pinning it all up at the back and putting on a headscarf, in this case a grey silk vintage scarf with pictures of woodland animals on it.

Winter lazy hair is berets, in summer it’s scarves.

Headscarf and Cats Eye Sunglasses

Striped vintage style 1940s sun dress

Belt and striped dress

I have a feeling this dress is going to get an awful lot of wear this Summer as it’s so easy to throw on. I wore it with flats because I was walking through woodland and my poor feet were still reproaching me for cramming them into heels on Saturday, but I think this will look gorgeous with my Irregular Choice wedges later on as well.

It might even be swishy enough for a petticoat.

Twirling in a 40s Sun Dress

Vintage Summer outfit

Of course, that might be all the Summer we’re going to get and I might be back in berets by the weekend, you never can tell in the UK!

Outfit details:

♥ 1940s Sun Dress c/o Emmy Design ♥ Headscarf – Vintage ♥
♥ Bamboo Bangles – Lady Lucks Boutique ♥ Shoes – Mel by Melissa* ♥
♥ Sunglasses – Derek Cardigan* ♥ Belt – Can’t remember! ♥