Can you believe that this time last week it was New Years Day? Real life has certainly come bounding straight back in with a vengeance. The decorations are gone, apart from one string of fairy lights that are pretty and I’m going to find some regular decoration job for. Work is back in full flow and I’m back to training at Roller Derby.

Todays plans involve putting up some pictures that have been waiting to go on the walls for at least 3 years, and then watching Brooklyn Nine Nine on Netflix in a binge watching catch up way before we start watching Season 4 on E4.

Before I do that, though, I obviously need to take some time out to reflect on the weirdly long week that has just gone.

This Week I…..

Had the Traditional New Years Day

New Years Day is the day for Chinese Take Away and the final of the Worlds Strongest Man. I don’t think this is a long standing tradition like, for instance, Christmas Turkey or New Years Eve’s singing Auld Lang Syne. It is, however, tradition in my house. We tuck into huge plates of food, convert the weights being lifted on TV (“Oooh, that’s like 4 me’s!”) and become sudden experts on all Strongman events, even ones that are new (“His legs are too straight, he’ll never make that last lift”)

Didn’t have lunch at Wetherspoons

On Bank Holiday Monday there was some debate in our house about whether we would just go back to work like a normal Monday, or whether we would treat ourselves to an extra day off. Then we remembered you could spend Clubcard vouchers at the Cinema, so we took the day off and went to watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

We casually decided it would be a great idea to pop into Wetherspoons for a cheap and cheerful lunch first. Except the Cinema is very near the Football ground and apparently there was a game on. This means all the restaurants and bars are basically a no go for the 2 hours before kick off. Wetherspoons was full, Pizza Hut was full, Frankie & Bennies was full, they were queuing out the door for the Chinese buffet. We ended up with a frankly slightly disappointing £12 bowl of pasta in a Mediteranean restaurant that might not have been so disappointing if it hadn’t cost £12, and no drinks, because we can’t afford drinks AND a £12 bowl of pasta each.

Still, at least the cinema tickets were free.

Also Fantastic Beasts is totally amazing, loved it.

Watched Hurricane Bianca

Because I am a well behaved person who doesn’t check her phone in the Cinema I got home to a flurry of notifications, emails and messages. They included the vital information, from at least 2 friends, that Hurricane Bianca was now available on Netflix.

Hurricane Bianca is the feature film starring Bianca Del Rio (my favourite Drag Race winner). The plot is a thinly veiled excuse for Bianca to be rude to people. I really enjoyed it. It’s as terrible as I thought it would be, but I still really enjoyed it.

Watch it, just don’t expect high art!

Got Clever Electricity

Oooh, look, fancy! Our old stupid meter, is now a clever new Smart Meter. This means that I can spend all day watching to see how much electricity we are using and turning things off.

I have figured out that it somehow manages to cost us electricity to have our gas heating on, so we’ll be wearing a lot more socks and jumpers around the house. The kettle is also very expensive, but apparently it’s silly to fill up a flask and make coffee from that all day.

Was in Marie Claire Taiwan

I know, random, right?

I got an email ages ago asking me to answer a few questions and send over some photos. It seemed quite exciting, so I sent them over, then forgot all about it. Then a PDF popped into my inbox and there I was! I can’t read a word, but I assume it’s just the answers to the questions they asked me.

Took down the Christmas Decorations

On the very last day possible, because if there’s one thing more boring than putting up a Christmas tree with individual branches it’s taking the blooming thing down and attempting to wrap everything so it doesn’t come out of the attic in a million pieces.

Still, I am now enjoying that “Doesn’t the house look bigger” feeling, or I would be if it wasn’t now full of bags of books waiting to go to the charity shop.

Freaked out my Friends

This was less fun than I thought it would be! Yesterday I was on a full day Roller Derby first responder trauma course. We got to play with neck collars and splints and all those things that we might, one day, need to treat the occasional injuries that occur during Roller Derby games.

I took this photo.


So I did, I kind of thought the stupid grin would tip people off that I wasn’t seriously injured. Then 2 minutes later I thought. ACTUALLY I REALLY DON’T WANT TO FREAK PEOPLE OUT.

But it was too late, I had already freaked out a couple of people and I then spent the rest of the afternoon racked with guilt for making people worry about me.

It was up for TWO MINUTES though. You’d think Facebook should have some kind of transmission delay like they have on live TV broadcasts to give you time to correct typos or think better of hilarious jokes that are actually a bit mean now you think about it.

Still, at least people care, I could have put it up for 2 minutes and no one even cared. Sob.

And that was my week.

How was your first week of 2017?