Well, that must rank among the most cheerful blog titles ever.

Dull, grey, and cold is, however, a very good description of the weather right now. It’s damp, occasionally rainy and the urge to put nice clothes on and take outfit photos on my way to places is not strong.

This outfit is fairly typical of the kind of thing I’m wearing at the moment. All black for minimum effort, comfortable stretchy skirt, cosy roll neck and coat and sensible shoes that are comfy to walk in and warm.

This particular miserable grey day was Sunday when we thought taking a walk into the shops would blow away the cobwebs and perk us up. It didn’t. What perked us up was a triple shot cinnamon latte at Starbucks and then spending all afternoon under a blanket watching Brooklyn Nine Nine on Netflix.

Sometimes fresh air isn’t the answer. The answer is actually caffeine and snuggling.

I might be smiling in the pictures, but trust me, my mood was grim. I almost burst into tears in SportsDirect because they wouldn’t refund me for the slightly too small pair of gold Nike running shorts I had bought, but would only issue me with a credit note (it’s ok, I now have a new Roller Derby sports bra, I like the pull on kind!). If looks could kill the local shopping centre would be littered with the bodies of people who’d done evil things like stopping at the top of an escalator, or not being entirely sure whether they wanted to go into that shop or not. Me in a bad mood does not deal with ditherers.

It’s amazing how quickly after Christmas the need for another holiday kicks in.

I don’t make New Years Resolutions as they are a recipe for failure, but one of my “not a Resolution” Resolutions is to remember to take time for myself. To go back to those days when I tried to take half a day a month to do something for me. Like wallow in a bubble bath, or take a book down to read by the river. I’m an easily stressed person, I take on a lot and sometimes find myself overwhelmed, but it’s amazing how taking such a small amount of time away from your obligations can be like pushing a reset button.

So here’s to a 2017 with less bad moods and more bubble baths (and more triple shot cinnamon lattes because that was delicious)

♥ Roll Neck – Next (Similar) ♥ Body Con Pencil Skirt – Primark (similar) ♥
Beret – eBay ♥ Tights – Wade & Belle* ♥ Loafers – Clarks
♥ Coat -Vintage (similar) ♥