Do you have a to do list?

I do, I have to have one these days or everything just falls out of the gap between my ears.

What’s on yours today?

Today mine includes boring regular Monday things like write this blog post, and some VA work. It also includes some self care things like meditation and going for a run. And then there are the slightly more exciting things like going to the Spiegeltent tonight to see some awesome cabaret and circus in Driftwood and Night Magic as part of Norfolk and Norwich Festival.

One thing that isn’t on my list today is registering to vote, because I did that some time ago. If you haven’t then, put it on yours today.

I don’t often get political on here. This blog is generally about glamour, fluffiness, glitter and occasionally me spilling things on myself but it’s also MY blog, and voting is genuinely something I feel is important.

For some of you I may well be preaching to the converted, in which case, take some time out, look at this lovely outfit from last week, or find out how I learned to make my own tortilla chips, like everyone else apparently learned to do ages ago.

In 1997 when Labour ousted the Tories from 18 years of power I was 2 weeks too young to be able to vote, but I remember the feeling of excitement and the optimistic feeling that things could change among my friends. I think I’ve voted every time since. For different people, for different reasons, and with differing levels of optimism. The last couple of times I’ve dragged myself to the polls things haven’t gone how I’d hoped, but I keep voting, because it’s literally the only way you get a say in anything. You can go to as many rallies, sign as many online petitions, and share news stories on Facebook as much as you like but if you don’t vote when you get the chance then it’s all for nothing.

I hear a lot of people saying it’s pointless to vote, I hear things like “They’re all the same” and I’m not going to pretend I don’t think there’s some serious problems with the way politics seems to work. But it’s largely a problem of our own making. Politicians play to the people who vote, and if that’s not you then no one is going to be your voice.


It’s also important to think beyond how those policies will affect you and your little bubble, and think about wider society. How they could help and hinder others, and how your cross in a box could make a difference to someone elses life without you even having to go out of your way to help them.

In the past when I’ve written posts that even slightly touch on political issues I’ve been attacked on social media and in the comments. I don’t want to alienate people who read my blog, and I also, frankly, don’t always have the emotional resilience to deal with people’s vitriol. So I don’t do it often.


In this country people have fought and died for the right of EVERYONE to vote. In other countries people are still fighting that fight.  I think it’s important to make the most of it, get involved, consider your options, read the manifestos, not just the headlines, but most of all. VOTE.

This quiz is super handy if you’re feeling unsure about who to vote for and what policies are important to you.

*dusts hands and climbs down off soapbox*