This morning I can’t decide if I’m feeling chipper or poorly.

I was supposed to have an Olympic Lifting session today, but my PT is sick, and I’m not sure I might not be as well as I’ve woken up with a sore throat and a sniffly nose. I have therefore decided to substitute the gym with some yoga, and possibly a lemsip.

I’m feeling chipper, however, as I have a lovely day planned. We’re cooking a roast dinner for friends and then walking the Pugs before taking them to their new favourite place. The pub. The pub is on their way back from their regular walk, and the bar staff give them treats, and we therefore have to drag them away from it every day.

Fingers crossed I can kick whatever this sore throat is in the butt without spending days in bed having a pity party. I ran out of the immune support chews I was taking about a week ago, so I’m blaming myself for not buying more. In reality it may well just be that I’m run down after several long stressful weeks, but lets not dwell on that.

This Week I…..

Failed to take a photo of the end of the world

This was the week in which the sky turned red and it really looked like the world was about to end.

I was sat in my office about 4pm and all of a sudden it was like night. Mildly confused I got up and looked out of the window to see a boiling red and grey sky that looked absolutely like we could expect the end of the world anytime soon.

All across social media people were posting photos of the red sky.

I took a photo. It looked like this.

So yeah, pretty much like a regular cloudy sky.

Stoopid sky.


Took the Pugs to the Beach

We’d been planning a trip to the beach since before Cocktail Week, and this week we bundled ourselves and the Pugs up and took a trip to East Runton.

I’d never been to East Runton before and it’s an amazing beach! Mostly wide and sandy, and when the tide is out there are amazing rocks and rock pools along the shoreline, and cliffs at the back of the beach.

The pugs loved, it and we loved it.

I attempted to look for fossils, as apparently the area is great for them, but then I realised that unless they came in a glass case with a label that said “fossil” I don’t really know what I’m looking for. So instead I just had a nice wander on the beach and laughed at Peppa chasing seagulls, seagulls that were flying. I feel like that’s the sort of thing that should be turned into some sort of meme about optimism, though there may also be some sort of life lesson to be learned by the fact that she ran head first into Waldo because she wasn’t looking where she was going.

Life lessons from Pugs.

Gave the Pugs a bath

And that first trip to the beach led to another first in my life. Bathing dogs.

They smelled of fish. So I gave them a bath. It wasn’t actually as bad as I expected, though they did look at me with resentment as they were all soggy and wet and I felt mean.

Cleaned the bathroom

I would like to say this news is completely unrelated to the above news, but it isn’t. Dog cleaning leads to bathroom cleaning.

As I surveyed my newly clean and shiny bathroom I felt a little pang of pity for people who always have clean and tidy houses. They never get to really experience the joy and satisfaction of seeing a room that has become gross and has been annoying you for weeks suddenly become clean and sparkly and fresh.

Sometimes I’m glad I’m a terrible slob.

Ate a lot of biscuits

I think my body is attempting to lay down a layer of winter fat, while forgetting I already laid that down last winter and never bothered to shed it for Summer.

Basically I seem to be craving biscuits a lot this week.

So early in the week there was a Starbucks trip with a pumpkin theme.

And then, well, we went to Tesco, and look, TWENTY FIVE PENCE! How could I not get them and eat the whole packet?

Learned my Fitness Age

My TomTom watch has a new feature. It calculates your recovery and tells you your fitness age.

Apparently it works best with running, but what with sprained ankles and Playoffs and Cocktail Week I haven’t actually been for a run since August.

This week I started to get back into my routine and went for 2 short runs.

My TomTom claims my fitness age is 33. This is 5 years younger than my real age, but I am disappointed by it. I’m pretty sure I can do better than that. I plan to be back in my 20s by the end of the year. It’s like I found the fountain of eternal youth.

Bought spangly pyjamas

This, by the way, is the reason that we normally do the shopping online instead of going to the supermarket.

This week we didn’t need much and probably wouldn’t have made the minimum order, so we went to the supermarket to shop in person.

We came out not only with reduced biscuits, but also with a hoodie, some Danger Mouse socks and these super soft, comfy pyjamas with spangly silver stars on them.

Not really sorry.

And that was another thrilling week in my life.

How was your week?