There has to be at least one of these every Janathon, and this was it.

Feeling very slightly groggy from a few too many glasses of wine on a Saturday night I was really dreading pounding the pavements today, even it was only for a mile and a half.

Mr LLL also wanted to come out for a run today, and we decided to combine the excitement with a trip to Sainsbury’s and do a short run along a nice flat stretch of road nearby.

Conveniently that road turned out to be almost exactly .75 of a┬ámile from one roundabout to the next, so we didn’t have to navigate crossing busy roads, just turn around and run back again.

Less conveniently the round also turned out to a lot less flat than it looked, it’s amazing how steep a slight incline can feel when you’re running up it with a hangover. The way back was also directly into a horrible blustery wind. Ugh,

Still, despite the hangover, I was pleasantly surprised by my pace, because it FELT like I was crawling along like a snail.

A really slow snail that probably didn’t need to open that last bottle of wine last night.

So that’s another day down, and only 3 left to go……