Happy Mothers Day to you if you’re a Mother, especially if you’re my Mother. If you’re not, then feel free to ignore this sentence completely.

I had big plans for today. I was going to bath the dogs and clean the house top to bottom. Instead it is nearly 1pm and I am sat on the sofa in the cold, slightly hungover and really hungry, because the dogs are asleep on me and I don’t want to wake them up. It’s quite tragic really.

Maybe once I’ve finished writing this I’ll get up and make myself some lunch and put the heating on. Maybe.

So, lets crack on so I can have some food.

This week I….

Was all about the medical stuffs

A few weeks ago now I went for a Bupa health assessment (come back tomorrow because I’ve written all about it and the post is going up on Monday!). During it there were a few things picked up that needed further investigation. So I went to my GP.

That means that this week I have spent more time in Doctors surgeries than I would ideally like! After my appointment on Monday I had to come back on Tuesday to be fitted with the above very attractive “ambulatory blood pressure monitor” which accompanied me all Tuesday afternoon cutting off my blood supply every half hour to check my blood pressure.

On Wednesday I had to go back to have an ECG so that the Doctor could refer me for an Echocardigram for a heart issue that was picked up. They also looked at my Blood Pressure and concluded it was high.

On Thursday I took a medical break, then on Friday I went to get a blood test done. Only to get a phone call from the Doctors saying I needed another, different blood test and could I come in and pick up the form. So back to the Doctors I went, and on Monday I shall be letting them remove more blood from me.

This is possibly more medical attention than I have ever had in my life. I’m not sure I like it.

Couldn’t Walk

So, you know how I spent most of last week stuck in a car?

Well, it turns out that when you go back to the gym after a week sat in a car it really hurts, even if you are sensible and knock your weights down a bit.

On Wednesday I could barely walk downstairs without clinging on to the bannisters, and needed help standing up and sitting down.

I actually started to wonder if I’d done some serious damage. Then, as DOMS always does. It magically disappeared.

Had a free beer

I’m pretty sure we can all agree that free beer tastes a lot better than beer that you pay for, right?

Thanks to a tip off from a friend I found out that Brew Dog were giving away free pints of Punk IPA. I quite like Punk IPA, and I quite like our local Brew Dog, but it costs over £5 a pint which I think is a little expensive for Norwich (“a little expensive” is polite British for “f**king hell, HOW MUCH!”) so I mostly only drink it when it’s free.

So I signed up for my free pint, and went and drank it. While wearing a blood pressure monitor. I’m not sure if that’s what you’re supposed to do while wearing a blood pressure monitor, but they didn’t tell me not to.

If you would like a free pint of Punk IPA then they’re still giving them away till the end of April. You just have to sign up here.

Wore a hat that wasn’t mine

We went out, it unexpectedly rained, and Mr LLL, kindly loaned me his hat.

It’s not a great story, but it does come with a humorous photo of me in front of Poundland in a trilby that has totally made me want to buy a trilby.

Learned restraint

I bought a 100g bar of chocolate with himalayan sea salt and toffee or some such fanciness from Co-Op. It’s my favourite.

I promised myself I would have 2 squares a day and make it last me all week, and lo and behold, I actually stuck to it instead of scoffing the whole bar in one go.

There are still 4 squares in the fridge. I am very proud of myself for this epic display of restraint.

It’s not a lesson I have managed to translate into other areas of my life, however. Which is why I feel like rubbish today after insisting I needed to drink whisky when I got home after drinking several large glasses on wine in the pub.

Oh well, baby steps.

And that was another week in my life.

How was your week?