Well, here it is, my last weekly round up of the year. And a year in which I’ve probably posted more weekly round ups than actual posts. Still, people seem to actually read them, so I guess that’s ok.

Now, this week there should have been a photo an hour for Christmas Day, but once I got past 1pm I ran out of exciting ways to take photos of me snuggling on the sofa with the Pugs while wearing pyjamas with Christmas Pugs on them, so I gave that up as a bad job and just decided to post tipsy Instagram stories instead.

While this is magically auto publishing, I will be at a morning Pilates class, and after that I plan to have a relaxing bath and spend the afternoon studying for my Personal Trainer exams, but before that happens, lets finish up the year having a look at the last week of it.

This week I…..

Put the Decorations Up

Traditionally I’m a “HEY IT’S DECEMBER! PUT THE DECORATIONS UP!” Kind of a gal, but with Mr LLL running an online shop this means that in December we now have to give the house over to boxes, parcels, painted bits of coal, half made gifts and a never-ending procession of trips to the Post Office. Trying to do all that whilst tripping over a Christmas Tree is just too stressful, so instead, after last posting on the 20th December, we dedicated the weekend to turning the house back into a house and putting up the Christmas Decorations.

It’s actually quite nice, like a peaceful bookend to a stressful month, with Egg Nog cream from Aldi.

Wore 2 Stupidly Festive Dresses

I mentioned earlier in the month that I had purchased 2 absurdly cheap Christmas dresses from Dresslily.

They, are, indeed, absurdly cheap, made from very cheap fabric and the prints aren’t exactly high resolution, but considering I plan to wear them once a year they’re fine. On Christmas Eve I wore the one with Santas on the skirt and the stripy top. I posted it on Instagram and it got regrammed by the Dresslily Plus Size account. I’m not sure how I feel about that as I’m only a size 12!

On Christmas Day I wore the one with Reindeer on the skirt to the pub for a lunch time drink.

They are cheap and festive, just like me.

Saw Some Scary Snowmen

On Christmas Eve we met some friends in the pub for lunch. Then we were joined by this weirdly terrifying bunch.

Somehow the bloke in the Christmas suit makes them scarier, like he’s the wizard that is commanding this army of reanimated Snowmen while they take over the world.

Turns out they were just blokes on a pub crawl, not an invading force, but still.

Did Not Take a Photo an Hour

Ah, and then we have Christmas Day.

We took the Pugs for a walk, opened gifts, ate a delicious breakfast cooked by Mr LLL and dinner cooked by me, went to the pub for a lunch time Mulled Wine and then sat by the fire watching TV and drinking Champagne.

I managed a photo an hour up till about 1pm. None of them were very good as I was too busy relaxing to be faffed with setting up photos and using my proper camera. So I gave up.

You might notice there is no table cloth on my Christmas table. I planned to use one, but couldn’t find it as it has mysteriously gone missing since last Christmas, which was obviously the last time I used a table cloth.

I tried to buy a cheap one from Poundland, but it was made of plastic and made the table look like I was preparing the room for a murder or something and needed to clean up quick, so we just went without. We’re too cool for tablecloths anyway.

This years gifts included some sparkly fitflops from my Mum and Dad, I wear them as slippers and my old ones were dying, and a huge box of chocolates from Mr LLL that hid a surprise in the lid. Next year I’m finally going to Harry Potter studios with some friends, which I couldn’t be much more excited about and have spent the last week planning my outfit. 3 months in advance is a long time to plan an outfit, even for me.

Was Poorly

In less good news, I woke up on Boxing Day with a stinking cold and then proceeded to spend 2 days feeling sorry for myself, half heartedly working and napping on the sofa.

Woe is me.

Got a Groupon

Last, but by no means least, when I started to feel a bit more human on Friday night we decided to go out for our annual “Phew, December was stressful wasn’t it?” dinner.

We’re self employed, so don’t really get a Christmas party and with the run up to Christmas being so busy, it’s nice to take a breather and go out for dinner.

Never one to turn down a bargain, I managed to spot a Cafe Rouge Groupon voucher for 3 courses for 2 people for £23. So we decided to grab one and go there for the evening.

It was very quiet out for a Friday night, I think everyone is staying home and waiting for New Years Eve (when I will be at home, thank you very much!) but we had a lovely dinner, then went home and snuggled the Pugs and drank some of the wine we got with a Naked Wines voucher earlier in December (Use this link and you can get a case of 12 bottles for about £50, which is what we did).

And that was another (festive) week in my life.

How was your week? And how was your Christmas?