Well hello! Happy Sunday and welcome to February, the month we all know that 2019 REALLY begins after the half way buffer zone that is January while we all readjust to real life.

I didn’t write one of these updates last week because I was travelling home from a trip to visit my Parents as I hadn’t seen them over Christmas. I also don’t have many pictures of the last fortnight, and the reason for that is largely that I spent most of it crazy with hormones as my Depo injection was due and I have crazy PMT symptoms until I get it. So I was anxious, tired, depressed, forgetful, clumsy and with absurd mood swings.

Still that’s over for another 10 weeks at least, so I can crack on with the rest of my life, which, for today includes drinking Chai Tea Lattes and then attempting to stay up late to watch the Superbowl.

But first, this fortnight I…..

Discovered Alexa

Last week I went all the way down to Kent for a few days to visit my family.

We went to a pub quiz, took walks along the beach with the Pugs, visited my Nanny, ate Haggis because it was Burn’s Night and got lost on all the new roads they’ve built in the area since I was last there.

However, I think the most noteworthy thing that happened while I was there was that I had my first experience of a house with Alexa.

We mostly just got her to dim the living room lights and recite the Ode to the Haggis, but I felt like I was in the FUTURE.

I don’t think I’m going to invest in one myself, especially when I discovered how much the light bulbs cost that connect to it, but it was very exciting.

Found Some Weird Decor

I lied, there was one more noteworthy mention from my trip down south, and this one I actually took a photo of.

We went to a newly opened Chinese Buffet near my parents house. It had classic Chinese Buffet decor. Long tables, some chinese artwork, and obviously, Spiderman and a Flamingo.

Say, WHAT?

Sliced my Finger Open

I was trying to open a bag of coal, with a scalpel, and I sliced a gash down the side of my finger

I blame hormones.

Cried Over a Broken Ice Scraper

I was trying to be helpful and scrape the car windows. I snapped the handle off the Ice Scraper.

Then I cried. And I don’t mean a single elegant tear. I mean I sobbed like the world was ending.

I also cried in a similar fashion at an episode of the Good Place.


Could Not Stand On One Leg

I went to Pilates. Normally I’m a bit wobbly when we do the stand on tip toes on one leg sort of thing.

This week I couldn’t even raise my heel off the floor without instantly falling over.


Honestly I can’t quite describe just how hideous the last couple of weeks has been hormone wise. Hormones are a funny thing, it’s like there’s a tiny rational part of myself locked inside watching me be insane. I lose all ability to judge social interactions, which makes me paranoid and snappy and I can’t perform even simple physical tasks without injury.

The Depo injection is a contraceptive injection that you have every 12 weeks. I have mine at 10 weeks, just because of the severity of the symptoms I get at the end. Part of me wonders what I would be like if I stopped having it completely? Would I ride it out, and then be less hormonal, or would I feel this awful for 2 years or whatever absurd amount of time they say it takes for you to return to normal when you stop? Honestly I’m too scared to find out!

Got a bit Chilly

So far we have avoided anything that can really be called snow, but has been very, very icy, misty and so cold that I lost all feeling in my legs and fingers walking to the gym.

How gorgeous would this weather have been at Christmas? Lovely, right?

But we don’t get this weather at Christmas, do we? At Christmas it’s always irritatingly mild and the ice, frost, snow and “it’s so cold I can’t face leaving the house” weather arrived in January and February just as we all want to crack on with things.

And, yes, I know it’s -55 degrees in places in the US. That doesn’t mean I can’t feel cold when it’s -1, m’kay?

Returned to “Normal”

Is it normal? I don’t know. All I know is that on Thursday I went had my Depo injection, and by Friday morning all was right with the world again.

I say all was right with the world, I’m not saying I don’t have a tendency to chronic worrying anyway, but I have stopped crying over broken bits of plastic, and I feel at far less risk of slicing my own arm off while chopping vegetables.

I was even brave enough to risk bleaching my hair on Friday without the risk of third degree chemical burns or ending up bald.

So, I now have freshly dyed hair, and am ready to face February.

How was January for you?