Hi there! How are you?

I’m not even going to pretend that this has been a dull week. A lot has happened, a couple of bits will probably be blog posts all of their very own next week, so I won’t dwell on the details!

Today I plan to spend the rest of the afternoon eating crumpets and enjoying the fact that it’s 10 degrees cooler than it was last week.

But first, this week I……

Got a Medal

I kicked off this week in excellent style with the Run Norwich 10k. This is one that will get a post all of its own, so I won’t dwell on the details, but I have my medal, so obviously I finished the darn thing for the 5th time.


Had an Epic Roast Dinner

And when you run 6 miles on a super hot Sunday, the only thing to do is to treat yourself to a roast dinner at the pub on the way home.

I swear it seems like forever since I’ve had a roast dinner.

We went to the White Lion which has been doing fabulous roast dinners for years and also has a super cute pub dog to snuffle. What more could you want?

Got Stressed by the Impending Heatwave

Seriously, I nearly made myself sick with worry, because 2 weeks ago when the weather was a pleasant 23 degrees, we impulsively booked a couple of days on a campsite on the North Norfolk coast.

We planned to take the Pugs, and the thought of trying to keep 2 Pugs cool in 33-degree heat was terrifying me.

We bought them cooling jackets, booked a pitch with electric (so we could take a fan!) and took a selection of umbrellas and tarpaulins for shade.

In the end there was a breeze, so in the shade with cooling jackets they were absolutely fine, but do you think I’ll remember that next time I decide to worry myself sick about something? (Hint: no)

Was on the Beach at 7am

The camping trip may get a post of its own depending on how organised I’m feeling. The heatwave we went during somewhat restricted what we could get up to during the day because we didn’t want to have the Pugs running around in the heat.

Instead, on Wednesday morning, we were at the beach at 7am before the sun had chance to really get going. We had an amazing run along a totally empty North Norfolk beach.

There were also a couple of boxes full of dog toys at the entrance to the beach in memory of other peoples dogs, which was lovely and a little sad.

Had an Epic Breakfast

Having started the week with an epic roast dinner, it feels fitting to mention the epic breakfast we had in the cafe next to the campsite as well.

It made up for the slightly underwhelming dinner we’d had in the pub the night before. Norfolk rarebit and a full english breakfast in a shady, cool, tile-floored cafe was just what we needed after a run on the beach!

Thought I was going to die

Not to be dramatic or anything, but I got stung by wasp and was convinced I was going to go into anaphylactic shock and die (anyone think I overreact to things at all?)

I was in the campsite shop and felt something sharp on my thigh, I reached down to brush it off and as I raised by hand something black and yellow flew off.

My Dad is allergic to wasp stings and has to carry an epi-pen, so having not been stung by a wasp before I was a little concerned about whether I’d have the same reaction. I sent Mr LLL a text telling him if I didn’t come back from the shop in 20 minutes he should come check on me, and continued shopping.

When I returned, still alive, to the tent I took a Piriton and spent the next hour wondering whether my lips were tingling or if it was just the chilli in the olives I’d bought.

Obviously, I did not go into anaphylactic shock, but I did not react well to the bite. This picture was taken the following day, and it got even bigger the day after covering half of the back of my thigh, and it HURTS SO MUCH!

Witnessed the Apocalypse

Having spent 3 days barely able to move because I do NOT function well in the heat I was very excited about Thursday nights storm. When it arrived, however, it was actually quite terrifying!

I’ve never seen such frequent lightning or heard such loud thunder. It was enough to send me scurrying back in from my doorstep with a terrified squeal.

Everyone else who lives in Norwich has epic pictures of forked lightning arcing across the sky. I, apparently, live 1 road too far back to see the forked lightning, I could just see the top of it above the roof of the houses opposite. So the only photo I got of the apocalyptic storm was this.

Very briefly went to Pride

To finish off the week, Saturday was Norwich Pride and Norfolk Roller Derby had a stall in the city for the day.

I signed myself up to help take the stall down, but I’d planned to head down earlier and spend some of the afternoon there.

On Saturday morning I had a personal training client, then I came home, had some lunch, and promptly fell asleep on the sofa, a week of hot weather and sleeping in a tent finally getting to me.

I woke up at 2:30, and managed to get changed and make it down to the stall to spend an hour there before we dismantled everything. Ah well, at least my rainbow sequin hair bow got a brief outing.

And that was another week in my life.

I’m predicting a quieter one next week, hopefully. How was your week?