Well hi there! Welcome back those of you who mysteriously like to read about all of the nothing I did every week.

This morning I was at work, and I’m now sat snuggled on the sofa writing this and wishing I’d put the bowl of crisps a bit closer as I don’t want to disturb the Pugs, but I also really want to eat crisps. What a dilemma.

I’ll get to the crisps eventually, but first, this week I…..

Drank Beer in the Rain

Oktoberfest in Munich might be cancelled, but that’s not going to stop people the world over celebrating.

Sir Toby’s Beers on Norwich market has held a little Oktoberfest celebration for the last 3 years with German beers and food available into the evening.

This year things looked a little different and you had to buy a table for the evening. The tables all sold out within a couple of days and we were very sad to miss out. So when there was a cancellation we snapped it up, and on Wednesday night we braved a trip into the City to drink some beer.

We settled down, ate a pie and drank beer, and then suddenly the heavens opened and approximately a months worth of rain fell from the sky in 10 minutes. We built a small dam out of the laminated menus and some napkins to to stop the water pouring into our laps, put our umbrellas up, and reminded ourselves that this is what a winter of outdoor socialising is going to look like.

It was great fun.

Celebrated some anniversary’s

This was a week of anniversary’s. It was 6 months ago this week that we finally went into “lockdown”, which means that this week was also at least 6 months since I last pressed the button on a pedestrian crossing. It’s become a matter of pride now, I think I wouldn’t push it even if I had a pokey stick and didn’t have to use my finger.

More importantly, this week marked 3 years since the Pugs came to live with us. It feels like longer and like no time at all. We celebrated by dragging them out for walkies in the rain and then snuggling under a blanket.

Did not go for a run

My back has improved massively this last week, and I thought at the weekend I might brave another run. Especially as I need to run a 10k next week for my #12in12.

I don’t know what the weather was like over the weekend where you were, but here it was windy, rainy and rank, so I decided to take a few more days to *cough* rest my back *cough* and do this instead…..

Lit the first fire of Autumn

And it had magic blue flames.

And that was another tremendously exciting week in my life.

How was your week?