Do you recognise the title of this post?

If not you need to immediately purchase and watch a copy of Grease. Seriously, it’s only £3, you really should.

I can remember very specifically the first time I saw Grease. It was the late 80s, and the Summer Club I went to in the holidays (The Get Up and Glow club, if I recall correctly) decided we should put on a little show and sing Summer Lovin’ from Grease. It was decided I should be Sandy, I suspect because of my long blonde hair rather than any musical or acting skills that made me a natural lead. I’d never seen the film, so my Mum rented it for me from the video shop. I loved it and it’s been one of my favourite movies ever since, even though the planned “show” ultimately never transpired.

Now, I LIKED Sandy (at least in her original get up, not those godawful sprayed on trousers she finished up in), there was a very secret, special place in my heart for Rizzo, I always love a bad girl. But really, my favourite, my real style icon, was Marty Maraschino.

marty maraschino grease

marty maraschino pink ladies

Marty is always co ordinated to within an inch of her life with clutches, scarves and shoes not only matching each other, but her skirt as well.

Not a bad girl like Rizzo, she was certainly no goodie goodie, with a list of “boyfriends” she wrote to on a regular basis as long as your arm. To 8 year old me Marty was a real grown up. She stood slightly apart from the fluttering activities of her friends, only becoming flustered when one of her diamonds fell in the macaroni (it happens to all of us)

I STILL wish I could be as glamorous as she was in a silk kimono with a fan in the sleep over scene, and that green dress and (co ordinated) flower for the school dance absolutely needs a place in my wardrobe.

Marty Maraschino green dress

Want to be a modern day Marty Maraschino?

It’s going to take some work. With hair that perfect and clothes that fitted you can’t just roll out of bed and put on the first thing you find on the floor. Oh no. It takes planning and effort to be a real lady.