Last night I went to fabulous party. It was organised by Mr Chick and some of our male friends, and all the ladies were treated to an open air screening of Moulin Rouge. Complete with punch, cava, spiced rum, spiked hot chocolate and absinthe. Oh, and the glass of wine and two rum cocktails I had before I arrived.


It was a magical evening, but I don’t feel too clever today. Actually I’m not *too* bad. Tired, with a touch of the beer fear, and very dehydrated.

I do, however, feel quite devoted to a day in my pyjamas in front of the TV. But, I have signed up to Juneathon, so once I had recovered enough, and with a little twitter encouragement from from Paulkdesigner, I pulled on my lycra, land headed out for the bare minimum run, as slow as I could.

Actually it wasn’t too bad. I did 1.2 miles, actually my splits show mile 1 was 9 minutes 59 seconds, but my Nike+ had a hissy fit and the screen froze so I had to reset it, so the actual time is slower due to the bit where I was standing still in my living room trying to fix it, ho hum.



I ran, my Juneathon goals have not fallen by the wayside with my dignity and I did not die. In fact it would have been a lovely run in the sunshine with lovely sunny views of trees and fields on some of it. If only I hadn’t had to swap my prescription lenses for sunglasses and therefore run it effectively blind.

I am now done with exercise for the day and will be back in my pyjamas within about 10 minutes of hitting publish on this post.