Valentines Day is on it’s way.

You either love it or hate it, but even when I’ve been single I’ve always loved it just as an excuse to wear red and eat chocolate.

We all need a little bit of love in our life, and that doesn’t necessarily mean being in a relationship. You can love friends, neighbours, strangers, chocolate biscuits or pizza. I think of it as an opportunity to do something you love, possibly with someone you love. You don’t have to buy into the fizzy wine, box of chocolates cliche, though personally I love both of those things.

If you’re not feeling the love then I say fake it till you feel it. You could cover yourself in love hearts, but I think you’d probably be sick with cutesy overload before you felt a bit more love. So today I’ve been off and found some nice accessories to bring a bit of love into your wardrobe without engaging in cute overload.

You can have love on your fingers.

love on your fingers

Black Heart Ring £6.50 £3.25 Miss Selfridge

Vivienne Westwood Heart Ring £120

Moschino Cheap & Chic Heart Gloves £45 £22.50

Hot Topic Double Finger Love Ring £12.99

Love on your toes

hearts on your toes

The To-Toes Heel $117.99 Modcloth

Vivenne Westwood Melissa shoes £120

Queen of Hearts Patent Shoes £54

Embellished Pumps £46 Topshop

Heart Backseams £8.50 Topshop

You can even have love on your HEAD. Or over your head.

love on your head

Warm Fuzzies Ear Muffs $39.99 Modcloth

Sequin Heart Headband Gap

Vintage 1940s Heart Shaped Hat $185 Sense of Fashion

I Heart Umbrellas $29.99

So. Are you a  love it or hate it person?