Good morning!Right now I am writing on my phone sat on the bed in a rather fancy gatehouse cottage in Wirral.Today’s plans are rather more energetic than most Sunday’s, as the Norfolk Brawds will be playing our second British Champs game against Sheffield this afternoon.While I’m doing that, Mr LLL will be running the Norwich Half Marathon, so super sporty day all round!But that’s a story for the future. First up, this week I….

Bathed the dogs

If anyone ever tries to convince you that short haired dogs don’t leave hair all over your house. Don’t believe them.

Especially if that short haired dog is a Pug. This week I gave the Pugs a bath. Then I gave them a brush.

I got all this hair off Peppa, then I brushed her twice more and got the same again and she was STILL leaving hair all over the place.

I basically had enough hair to make a tiny model Peppa. I tried to make her a wig out of it. She looked like Donald Trump, but unfortunately she wouldn’t stay still long enough for me to get a photo.

Sold a sofa

Remember the other week when I ordered a new corner sofa and was REALLY excited about it?

Well they told me it would be 8 or 9 weeks for delivery, so I settled down to be patient.

Then this week I got a message asking me to call to arrange delivery. I expected it to be in a couple of weeks time at least. But no, my new sofa is apparently coming NEXT TUESDAY.

This bought on immediate panic about disposing of our current sofa, but thanks to GumTree it was collected on Saturday.

So far no takers on the chair though. If you know anyone who wants a cheap comfy armchair then let me know.

Ate my soup from a saucepan

Seriously. I don’t think I even did this when I was a student.

I started preparing my lunch then thought I heard a dripping sound behind the washing machine.

I called Mr LLL who immediately filled the kitchen with plumbing supplies and cut off my access to the cupboard with the bowls in. So I ate it from a saucepan.

When you need food, you need food!

Had to buy smooth peanut butter

I love peanut butter. Like, a lot.

I buy huge tubs of crunchy peanut butter from My Protein. Except I’ve run out, and I wanted some quick, so I thought I’d pop to Holland & Barrett and buy some.

But they only had smooth and it’s just not quite the same. As you can tell I’m deeply traumatised by the peanut butter issue.

I considered buying peanuts and crushing them up and stirring them in, but that’s just weird, right?

Went on a looooong drive

And, to finish up what has been a rather dull week. Yesterday I spent 5 hours in a car with some of my team mates traveling to Wirral.

It was worth it when we got there to find the awesome accommodation we’d been booked.

No travelodges for us. We travel in style!

And now I will leave you to digest my exciting week of peanut butter and dog brushes, while I kit up for some Roller Derby fun!