Goodness me, can you believe we’re only a week into a brand spanking new year?

That certainly got going quickly didn’t it?

Looking back over my week things that happened last weekend feel like they were another life time ago already. Even though technically not an awful lot has happened at all.

Anyway, this week I….

Raided the Piggy Bank to buy Wine


Yes, we started January so skint that we had to empty our copper jars, take them to Tesco, feed them into the CoinStar and then spend the money on, er, wine. It’s important to have priorities in life. We did buy some mince as well, I am making a huge chilli from it that I will freeze in individual portions and then feel smug and organised (and very bored of chilli) for the rest of January.

Don’t worry about me too much. In the days that followed some invoices did get paid and we went back to Tesco and bought actual proper food, so I won’t have to live off just chilli and wine for the rest of January. The year always starts like this as being self employed all the people who pay invoices go on really long holidays from about mid December to the beginning of January.

Got sickeningly positive

For a few years now I’ve been trying to end my days by thinking of 3 good things about that day. Sometimes it’s super easy, sometimes it’s a little harder, but it’s a good exercise to try and find the positives in even the worst days.

A friend suggested I should share those good things on Facebook as some of her other friends had done it the previous year. So this week I started sharing 3 good things about my day on my personal Facebook each night. I’m not sure whether it’s just intensely irritating to all my friends, but I’m doing it anyway in a spirit of positivity.

Bought a Diary


If I don’t have a diary I’m barely capable of figuring out what day it is, let alone where I’m actually supposed to be on that day. For the first year in a while I haven’t got a fancy Paperblanks diary because I needed one quick, so I went for shiny turquoise from WHSmiths instead. It even comes with a pen, which I can pretty much guarantee will be lost by the end of January because I can never hang onto pens in my handbag for more than about 10 minutes. Old receipts and bottle tops, however, will still be there in December.

Got a Cold

Oh hai January, it must be time for me to get that horrible cold again that will sit on my chest and leave me coughing and hacking for 2 weeks, much to everyones disgust.

I spent much of the beginning of this year drinking large vats of Lemsip, blowing my nose on novelty Christmas tissues (I knew they’d come in handy) and hiding under my cosy faux fur blanket watching Netflix.

Went Back to Skating


I really shouldn’t have done, because of the aforementioned disgusting cold. But I did anyway, and I enjoyed it, even when I had to sit out of drills because I was dying.

Entered the UK Blog Awards

I’m so sorry. I always tell myself I am NEVER going to enter anything like this again, then I always do because they send me emails and I think, hey, why not!

I am not going to harrass people to vote for me on a daily basis, I’m just not, and I therefore don’t expect to get shortlisted and I’m not going to feel like an inadequate failure when I don’t, oh no.

If you do want to vote for me then the voting form is here. I won’t mention it again, well maybe once more just before voting ends, just in case you missed it.

And that was how January got started, and now I’m super late to get my snotty self off to the gym.