The Completely Wrong Way to Train for a 10k


So, Sunday is the Adnams 10k. The race I entered because you get free beer at the end, and I like beer.

I have my race number, I have my timing chip (this time it’s a weird paper thing, not a plastic tag, exciting!) I have checked the weather (cold but sunny, good running weather) and planned my outfit (still don’t have the guts to do a 10k in red lipstick, will probably over do the eyeliner to compensate). So, does that mean I’m prepared?

I didn’t make the Mariotts Way 10k in under an hour, but I had been harbouring secret thoughts that I might make it this time. However I appear to have spent the last month being an absolutely shining example of how NOT to train for a 10k.

My Asics training plan went out of the window pretty early on, as darker nights, constant rain and a lot of travelling to new places made it hard to find places to run, let alone do things like interval training.

To top it all off I’m fairly sure the week before Mo Farah won his 10k Olympic Gold didn’t look like this:

Monday: Wedding Anniversary. Run 2.5 miles round country lanes at 9:15 minutes miles (good pace, for me!). Stop and look at a lovely country church. Run another 1.5 miles to pub. “Rehydrate” with a pint of beer.

Tuesday: Slightly Hungover from Anniversary dinner. Order pizza and drink beer.

Wednesday: Work at a conference in the evening and too busy catching up from holiday to fit in a lunch time run. Forget to get anything proper for dinner and eat half a left over Naan bread with cheese melted on it.

Thursday: Parents visiting, no time to fit in a run before they arrive. Get taken out for a ridiculously huge but very tasty dinner washed down with beer and whisky.

Friday: Today! Hungover from beer and whisky. Rehydrate with smoothies and plan to go out for a 3 mile run just to make sure you haven’t forgotten how.

My target pace for under an hour means running a mile in 9 minutes and 40 seconds. I’ve managed a couple of 5k training runs with a pace of 9:15, but have had to crawl to a feeble, sobbing, stop. Gasping for breath with shaking hands. So I don’t think I’ll be keeping that up for a full 10k, but maybe I *can* manage it if I go just a little slower?

I plan to be a paragon of health tomorrow and just relax about Sunday. It’s cold out, and what matters is that I run it (and get free beer) rather than spending the day in front of the TV.

2 Responses
  • Appledragon
    November 28, 2012

    I clicked on your heading ‘motivation’ and this came up. This is so much better than any other diet board forum advice for ‘keeping it up’ when I need help finding what ‘it’ is and I have no idea why it always has to be ‘up’. (sorry for the annoying use of inverted commas there). And into the bargain you have no annoying ticker tapes waving at me sardonically. I feel like going for a run now. Day 2 of couch to 5k. I know it’s bad when you need motivation at day 2 but most of my route is under water (an example of an amber flood alert). A day to try another route- up and at them. (why up again?…) I much prefer let’s go kick ass!

    • Lady Lipstick
      November 28, 2012

      Glad to be of help! Try not to drown in the floods on you way round!

      I used th couch to 5k app, I think my problem at first was I went too fast in the running bit!