#janathon Day Nineteen


Another quick swoop around the snowy block, only this time the snow was less fresh, so a little slippier and more difficult to run on.


I felt a little heavier and slower than yesterday. This maybe partly the bottle of wine and two Manhattans I drank last night, or possibly the potato farl and poached egg that I had for breakfast only half an hour before we went out.

Either way, the underfoot conditions and my tiredness meant a slower pace, but hey, I went out running in SNOW! That’s another excuse overcome!

Gemma Stats

Here I am, fresh from snowy run, with that more aesthetically pleasing bit of hair poking out from my running hat.


I’m writing this from a hotel in Leamington Spa where I am writing a travel piece. It’s quite nice, though snowy makes exploring not as much fun as it might be in, say, August.

Tonights dinner will be something from a nice restaurant and I will be paying no attention whatsoever to how healthy it is.

2 Responses
  • catsimpson0
    January 19, 2013

    Good work! I assume the travel piece isn’t about Leamington Spar itself?! Although I only passed through there once as a child so mustn’t judge…

  • Catherine Henderson (@runninggoth)
    January 19, 2013

    night-before-drinking and cold snowy conditions always makes for a slower pace, its the getting out there that counts!