I’m hiccing now, but I was not at all hiccy when I got up this morning.

I’ll be honest I had an appalling night. I was awake for a good 2 hours after I went to bed. Trying every available position to sleep in and finding none of them comfortable I hurled myself out of bed, took some ibruprofen and went back to bed at 2am with an ice pack and finally got a few hours kip.

When I woke up, grumpy, because naturally, I did 20 minutes of nice stretchy yoga, because apparently that’s what I do now.


I had planned to do something more energetic, but hell, I was grumpy, I was tired, and having a bad back PISSES YOU OFF.

So I didn’t, I did some work, then at 4pm I went to the Doctors, then I went to the pub and had some wine, which was frankly exhausting, so now I’m home lying on a yoga mat watching TV and waiting for a Chinese to be delivered.


So I wasn’t exactly energetic but I did stick to the letter of the Juneathon law, and I am still mobile, which is like “woo!”

Points earned so far: 20

Times I have had a huff because I can’t sleep: 1