I was REALLY keen to get back to doing some proper resistance exercise today, like really keen.

I swear I can actually feel myself turning into a lump of jelly after 10 days doing not much. Stupid back is still stupid stiff, especially in the mornings, but it shows no sign of getting much better and I can’t afford another sports therapy appointment right now, so I thought I should just get back to doing things that don’t hurt.

I started today with Yoga, it’s amazing how much better I feel afterwards. I think doing Yoga every day is something I might try and continue even if all my bits stop hurting. I just need a wider selection of You Tube videos to choose from so I don’t get bored!


Then I did some work until I was just too stiff to stand up properly before deciding it was time to hit my Kayla Itsines circuits again. I chose to do arms, legs involved too much jumping for me right now, and abs involves too much back stuff, though there was randomly a weighted jack knife exercise in the arms session this week, which was a little too painful so I swapped it out for some weighted lunges instead.

I swear the only way I get through these circuits is because they’re only 28 minutes. I look at the exercises and think “oh, that’s not too bad” and by Circuit 3 I’m ready to cry.

After 45 press ups in todays session my shoulders gave up the ghost so I finished the session on my knees, but still, even in blocks of 15 with a break in between I’m pretty pleased with that from a girl who couldn’t do 5 press ups 3 months ago.


I’m quite pleased that I managed to find the motivation to do it today, considering the list of very important things that I HAVEN’T managed to find the motivation to do yet today is disturbingly long. I would say that this is the problem with being self employed, but actually I think being self employed just means that when you lack motivation you don’t have to be as creative about convincing all the people around you that you’re working.

I did quite a few things ticked off my list today, but not as many as I would have if I was a proper motivated grown up.

The one last things I plan to tick off my list today is organising the kitchen cupboards, I expect to find all manner of exciting things hidden at the back, and then, unless any of them are *really* exciting and near their sell by date, I shall be having Saucy Fish Co Salmon Fillets and Rice for tea. Yum.