Ah, every fitness “influencer” in the world is running Zoom classes, and Instagram live classes and making workout videos right now, I, however, am not, and I sincerely apologise.

I am a Personal Trainer, and this should have been my time to leap in there and get the world moving. But I didn’t, because for various reasons I won’t depress you with the start of Lockdown was tough for me and it’s taken me a while to adjust and now I feel a bit like that boat has sailed.

I did, however, film a few short workout videos just before the start of Lockdown, originally for my Roller Derby team, but I also shared them on Instagram. So, as I’ve just found out I made the Top 10 Fitness & Exercise Blogs list on Vuelio this time, I thought I’d celebrate by popping in and sharing them on here!

There are 4 workouts in total, all can be done bodyweight only, but I show adaptations to make them harder/easier or if you happen to have resistance bands or weights at home. Each one should take about 15 minutes. Do them all in one go for an hour workout, or split them up and do 2 at a time, or just 1, the choice is yours.

Workout 1

50 x Skips
10 x Single Leg Deadlifts (Lets all enjoy how wobbly I am here)
10 x Tricep Dips
10 x Pulse Squats

Repeat 3 x

Workout 2

20 x Side Taps
10 x Glute Bridges
10 x Up Down Planks
10 x 10 Second Pause Squats

Repeat 3 x

Workout 3

10 x Jump Lunges to Squat
10 x Inchworms
10 x Single Leg Squats
10 x Birddogs

Repeat 3 x

Workout 4

20 x Mountain Climbers
10 x Cossack Squats
10 x Deadbugs
10 x Push Ups

Repeat 3 x

Enjoy and I’ll be back as soon as I can get my brain in gear!