Todays Friday Frock Love is a new discovery.

Last week, while in London for a blogger breakfast briefing, I also popped in to some press days I had been invited to. One of them was tucked away in a suite in a hotel in Soho. The invite came from a brand called Love Ur Look. I’ll confess to not being a huge text speak fan, so the Ur in the middle put me off slightly, but I took a peek at the website, loved the styles and decided to pop along.

I took the lift to the third floor and found a little room tucked away round a corner, stuffed full of delicious 40s and 50s inspired dresses in an amazing selection of prints.

The designs were made up in a variety of fabrics and ranged from the shorter length “50s style” frocks you so often see on the High Street through to some honest to goodness beautiful longer length 40s and 50s goodies. Obviously I skipped straight over the shorter ones (though there were some lovely fabrics if you have the legs for them!) and went straight for the repro styles. I’m wishing I’d though to actually try some on now, but I find press days a bit flustering and never thought to just go and do it!

Instead there is a scary photo of me with my eyes shut and half a head posing with a carrier bag *sigh* it was a long day ok.

I’d never met Ronke, the lady behind the range, before, but she was so sweet and incredibly enthusiastic about the designs and fabrics. The prices are immensely reasonable to, with the most expensive dress on the website being £55.

I’ve picked out a few of my favourites here, but do go take a peek at the rest of the range as they’re perfect for summer. I have dreams of long lazy picnics and punting on the river.

Floral Wiggle Dress £55

This is the most expensive dress on the site, and predictable one of my favourites. When I saw it I waas convinced that I wouldn’t be able to wear it, but looking at the sizing chart on the website they actually come with a very reasonable 10″ waist to hip difference, so there’s hope for me yet!

Cherry Spot Dress £39

A definite picnic dress with a bit of a rockabilly vibe. Plus, pockets. I love a dress with pockets

Floral Wrap Print Dress £50

This one has to be top of my future picnic list. I absolutely love that button wrap detail, it’s a good length and could work for a 40s or 50s look depending on your mood. All it needs is a glass of Pimms and a cucumber sandwich!