Polo Neck – Next
Trench Coat – Ebay
Boots – New Look
Rose Corsage – Oasis (about 9 years ago so don’t go looking!)

I finally went to see Quantum of Solace the other day. A bit late I know, but I had a 2 for 1 ticket that they wouldn’t let me use the first couple of weeks it was out so I hung on till I could get my freebie. It wasn’t quite sneaky beaky spy story enough for me, I much prefer Casino Royale, but I still think Daniel Craig is a great Bond.

In tribute to the Secret Agent genre I went for black polo neck and boots with a spy trench coat. This coat is my biggest ever bargain, brand new with tags Principles coat, tag price of £130. I paid £30 last Christmas thanks to the wonders of Ebay. The corsage is years old, but I decided to brighten up the gloomy winter skies by adding it to my coat, though I might look a little bit like I’m waiting for a blind date