This year, for the first time, I have Press Accreditation at London Fashion Week. It’s very likely that I will simply check out the exhibition, and, part of the reason for this, is that I’ve been too filled with fear to approach anyone for tickets to Catwalk shows. I wondered about the reason for my fear and I think I’ve identified the source.

I know nothing about Fashion.

I’ve always loved to look through Catwalk and trend reports, but I’m looking for the ones that appeal to ME. Something that’s my style, innovative or makes me think “Wow, how can I work that into my look?” Often the name of the designer passes me by in a bit of a flash.

So, does this matter? Does the fact that I couldn’t tell you what Hussein Chalayan showed on last years Catwalk mean I don’t belong at Fashion Week? Should I pack up my Fashion Blog and go back to the world of Admin where I belong?

Or is style more important? Is an ability to spot and be aware of a trend and know if it will work for you the key to style or is style apart from Fashion and separate to it?

So I asked on Twitter

How do you define “style” as opposed to being “in fashion” and which do you think is most important?

ashemischief I prefer style bc it seems more personal & naturally developed, as opposed to being dictated by an unknown person/force. I feel like fashion also is more historical: the fashion/trends of the time, but style exists within that.

shy_light style is more important than in fashion; you may incorporate something fashionable into your style, and your style may be fashionable, but if you are authentic, then you have style regardless of what is in fashion

PennyGolightly Style is a personal expression and ideally what suits you, and ‘in fashion’ is what a group of people all do at once.

BetseyJ I pick style. It’s about what you can do with your personal budget & resources and not what you’re being told is “in”.

duskyblueskies Being fashionable is about following trends. Style is dressing well, in a way that suits you, and is more timeless. And I’d say style is more important.

swellvintage Personally I think style is something you’re born with and fashion is something you choose to follow. I think? Maybe x

cheekychicken24 I’m over 30 so style all the way for me. Being in fashion stops being important when you stop being able to wear micro minis!

MelleRobot I take Style over Fashion. If you don’t have style, you can’t make fashion work for you.

Notoriouskitsch for me style all the way, but then I’m not a fan of fashion. I think style is about the whole of life, fashion is about clothes/shoes etc

fashionlimbo Style is timeless, and it doesnt have to follow fashion. u could find the most fashionable/trendy look with no style at all

EmmaJ414 style is looking good, no matter what you are wearing, fashion is extortionately priced pieces of material

So I asked…

Do you have to know about fashion to have style?

cheekychicken24 Anyone can be in fashion, just shop at top shop. Style comes with age & experience generally.

duskyblueskies That’s a toughie! I’d say yes, for the main trends, & ideas on how to wear things (to stop your look from looking dated).

MelleRobot No, I think style exists outside of fashion. This is why people always ooh and aaah at old people’s style.

swellvintage I think everyone is born with a natural style. Whether it’s fashionable is subjective x

PennyGolightly Well, let’s say I know some stylish people who are definitely not this-season fashionable, but they always look great.

So there you have it, from the keyboards of fashion bloggers and stylish ladies everywhere (as long as they use Twitter)

It seems style is the goal, but fashion can sometimes be the means of getting there…..

Image by jACK TWO