Following on from yesterdays search for autumnal inspiration I searched my wardrobe this morning to try and bring some of those rich tones into an outfit.

My search of the  furthermost, non black, reaches of my wardrobe revealed that I’m way ahead of the game on autumnal browns and beiges, I could possibly open a shop with my greens and there was the occasional splash of red. What I really felt in the mood for, though, was that fantastic Pumpkin orange, and it was nowhere to be found.

So I extended my search a little further. Taking some inspiration from The Coveted, and had a trawl through Mr Chick’s wardobe instead. I found this long sleeved T Shirt in the perfect shade. The boots are a deep, dark blood red, though it hardly shows. The weather today was so dull that the light filtering into my living room was barely bright enough to take photos at all and lighting a selection of lamps  produced a grainy effect, that can probably be overcome using some clever setting on my camera, but I actually kind of like.

The bracelet is actually a string of vintage beads that never felt right over the summer, but the colour seems to fit now it’s autumn.

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Orange Jumper - From Mr Chicks wardrobe
Belt and beads (worn as bracelet) - Vintage
Beige PVC Skirt - New Look
Dark Red Boots - Faith (Circa 2001!)