…But Never Had.

You must have these things?

The things that if you had it would perfectly finish every outfit, or that if you had it would make you feel like a proper Princess, or would be the perfect dress for all occasions or you just really, really like.

I’m not talking about those things that pop up on the Catwalk and become the MUST HAVE item of the moment but you’ve completely forgotten in 6 months time. I’m talking about TRUE LOVE. Things you might have started wanting 15 years ago but for reasons of money, time, or just the fact that the perfect item you have in your head doesn’t seem to exist anywhere in reality have never managed to own.

Here’s 4 of mine….

Leather Satchel

A proper leather satchel I have wanted since I was at least 11. I read far too much Enid Blyton as a child and it’s pretty much coloured my whole life.

When I started secondary school I wanted a real leather satchel as my school bag. Fortunately my Mother had the common sense to realise that in 1990 11 year olds were unlikely to appreciate the retro appeal of my satchel and would make my life hell, so I never got one.

Every now and again I go and look, but they’re always too expensive or just not quite matching up to the satchel that has lived in my head for 19 years. It needs to be just the right amount of battered, in just the right shade of brown and just the right size.

The Perfect 50s Day Dress

A real one that actually comes from the 1950s, not a copy. In my head it is plain with simple styling, a nipped waist and a full skirt. It’s not a flimsy halter neck, or a strappy sun dress. It’s a proper dress.

Like this. But with a different neckline (and this isn’t my size anyway)

Or this. But in a different print and not costing hundreds of dollars.

A Cloak

This is a love that has come and gone with the years. I badly wanted to be a nurse from a very young age (tried it, it didn’t work out, they make you get up early.) But what I really wanted was the uniform, including that fabulous heavy swingy cloak.

Whilst shopping at Christmas I saw a vintage 1920s Police Cloak in an Antiques store, it was beautiful, but too big and cost far too much.

I want a heavy black wool cloak that comes to about hip length, I want a collar, but not too high, and a cute fastening. Maybe a cloak with those little holes to put your arms through to do things.  (though there is a secret place in my head that wants a full length cloak with a hood too)

A Crinoline and Muff

I got married, and I got close to this. But I eschewed the bigger frocks in favour of something simpler, that in reality is probably more me.

But ever since I read Little Women when I was, well, little, I wanted to look like this. (oh look, a cape)

I even wrote to Jim’ll Fix It asking him to make me a Princess for the day. I wasn’t thinking of opening hospitals and holidaying in St Moritz. I wanted to wear a huge dress, and some jewels, and have people wait on me.

This long term dream is one that lives purely in the realms of fantasy. I will likely (definitely) not be buying myself a crinoline to stomp to the Post Office in, though I am tempted to get a muff. More modern day alternatives, like my Vivien of Holloway dress, that let me swish around like a proper girl are always on my wish list though.

What item of clothing have you always wished you had?

Top photo by aussiegall