Not really!

I threatened a full week of mush on the blog in honour of Valentines Day, but I wouldn’t do that to you.

Some people are filled with bile by Valentines Day, denouncing it as a vile commercial holiday designed to capitalise on peoples relationship guilt. To those people I say “Phhhhfffttttt” (think blowing a raspberry)

Personally I just like any excuse for a celebration, and if the calendar refuses to provide one I’ll often make one up. Super Hero Saturday is a personal favourite. So I say single schmingle, poor schmoor, and other made up words. This Sunday put on your best love heart pyjamas, make some hot chocolate in a mug with hearts on and settle down to watch Love Actually and get all mushy, even if you’re on your own.

To help you on your celebratory way I have today selected the winners of the Valentines Goodie Bag giveaway. There was a MASSIVE response to this one and I really wish I had enough goodie bags to give everyone one each (including me!) but I don’t. So here goes!

I can announce that the winners of the Naughty bag is…..

Drumroll please……

That’s Angel Cutsforth of Angels Style Scrapbook (comment number 489!)

And the winner of the Nice bag is….

Another drumroll….

That’s Dyl Cruz of Dog with no Brain (comment number 30!)

I’m having a few problems with my email, so if you read this here before you get an email from me can you please drop me a line with your address and I can get your prize to you asap!