Yesterday I shared 5 of my beauty essentials.

Retro Chick readers in turn shared their beauty essentials in the comments, and I thought I’d republish them here as they’re just so useful. Maybe you’ll find a product you’d never thought of trying, or something that might solve a particular beauty gripe of your own!

There’s lots of love from Retro Chicks for brands Neutrogena and Clinique as well as the “bargain” classics like Vaseline, Astral and Nivea.

Alice from White Rabbit

  • Labello Cherry Kiss Lip Balm “Most lipstick irritate my throat and I also have dry lips, it is the perfect solution”

Note: Labello is sold as Nivea in the UK. I had trouble finding an online supplier for this under either name, but I did find it available in packs of 6 on

Note: I’m definitely with you on this! I often buy from the Simple “Kind to Skin” range as I know it won’t cause me any problems because it’s fragrance free. You can’t beat their face wipes if you’re in a hurry.

PixelHazard of Bright Green Laces

  • Paw Paw Ointment “I use paw paw ointment on my lips. It’s the perfect cure for almost everything”

  • Eucalyptus stick “for getting stubborn pimples rid of. It dries them up quick smart.”

Note: This actually has a goat on it. I love it already.

Maddy from The Maddy Chronicles

  • Neutrogena Deep Clean Face Wash

  • Vicks “for my Lips I love that it’s multipurpose & I love the menthol scent.”


  • Astral cream “I use it as a day moisturiser on my face as I am very dry, its so much better than nivea!”

  • Neutrogena hand cream “the one Norwegian fishermen use!”

Note: This so nearly made it into my top 5! I buy the tiny mini tubes which go in my handbag easily.

  • Sanex moisturising shower gel. “(green bottle) it smells like very clean fruits, almost watermelon-y with fresh cut grass. great for those with uber-dry skin like me.”

  • Fun Times Hairspray by Tigi Rockaholic “Amazing for short, sticky-up styles. its a protector as well. you can straighten hair after spraying it on for mega height. it does everything!”

Fiona from Notorious Kitsch

  • Clinique All About Lips “I didn’t think I got particularly dry lips, and really I don’t but I really noticed the difference when I stopped using this wonder product.”

  • Aveeno Body Lotion “I first used this in the US. I haven’t got very dry skin but it’s definately drier the older I’ve got, or in winter or in air conditioning. My skin got dry this year with the cold and I found this in Boots, it’s back to itself again!”


“I just can’t live without these”:

Note: I’ll vouch for the hemp hand protector too. I’ve used it in the past and it’s great for dry skin. I’d use Touche Eclat too if it weren’t so expensive!