Today I stopped by the Lulu Guinness Autumn Winter 2010 Press Day.

I like Lulu Guinness Press Days as they give me the opportunity to stand in the middle of a beautiful room, squint slightly and pretend it’s my house and I’m picking a handbag from my huge selection of beautiful bags to go with my outfit.

The collection for Autumn Winter is inspired by iconic 60s model Peggy Moffit. She was famous for really bold graphic make up and heavy eyelashes.

She looked like this.

Lulu’s bags look like this

I would also draw your attention to the walls in this picture. How gorgeous is that room? I planned to take more photos, and even a video, but I am suffering from battery life issues and was thwarted in my intentions.

There’s a lot of gorgeous deep purple and black in the collection for Autumn Winter, with splashes of red. There is also the addition of an eye clutch, which is a bit creepy, but in a good way. I’d need to take an eye and a lips clutch out with me, which would sadly leave me with no hands free for drinks, but it’d be worth it. Maybe I can hire a flunky to follow me round with a glass and a straw?

My favourites, though, were these amazing striped confections with elaborate bow decorations. I already lust after the Pollyanna clutch in any fabric she cares to make it in, but the bold stripes and bows on the other 2 bags feel a little bit fairground. Bold and playful, yet a bit dark. They’re certainly striking.

Those of you that loved the Kooky Cat collection when I ran the Lulu Guinness competition last year will be pleased to know he’s still around. This bag also has an adorable tiny embroidered mouse on the top. It’s those little details that make me all giggly and over enthusiastic over Lulu’s designs.

Kooky Cat isn’t necessarily my thing, I’m not a cat person. But I was rather taken with these adorably girly lipstick kisses.

When I was a teenager my friends and I used to blot our lipstick on the wall of my room before we went out, meaning the walls around my mirror were a patchwork of multi coloured kisses and teenage 90s riot grrrl scrawls in felt pen. That’s what this print reminds me of, so, you can imagine the effort it took to maintain my squeals of glee to appropriate “quiet carriage” levels when I rummaged through the press pack on the train to read up on the inspiration behind the collection and found this.

The collection should hit the shops in June. So not too long to wait!

Which is your favourite from the new collection?