I’ll tell you a secret.

when I was little I really wanted to be a Princess.

Of course, what I had in mind wasn’t opening fetes and visiting the sick. It was more Giselle from Enchanted and less Princess Di. A bit like this.

Then I grew up, and I gave up on being a Princess in favour of being a tough cookie. A go getting girl who took no crap from anyone. A proper grown up. Frills and froth aren’t for this girl, and all she needs is a cup of coffee on the go to keep her busy lifestyle on track and on schedule.

But now I say pants to that. I want to be a Princess again.

So today, I bring you my top ways to bring the Princess back into your life and make you feel special.

  • Make time for yourself

Princesses don’t breakfast on take out coffee while doing their make up on the train. They rise, with an attractive yawn, dress (possibly assisted by bluebirds) and breakfast on milk and honey or some such.

Whatever. The point is, you can still be on schedule and do one thing at a time. Take your time over those little every day things and make them count. You’ll feel much more relaxed and more like the Princess you secretly know you are.

  • Be kind to others

Princesses don’t steal the last parking space, ignore people who drop things on the street or tut irritably when the person in front of them at the cash point takes too long. For starters they probably don’t carry money, but that’s irrelevant. Don’t let the little things drag you down, remember that everyone around you is a person too, with thoughts and feelings just like you. Be kind, and people will be kind back, not all of them, but you can feel secretly smug about how much nicer and more serene you are than the other *nasty* people.

  • Wear your best clothes

Do Princesses wear leggings with holes in to go to Sainsburys? No they don’t. Mostly because their food is bought to them by talking teapots and candle sticks, but even if it wasn’t, they still wouldn’t.

The same goes for “things” don’t save your “best” perfume for “best” and don’t eat your dinner off of chipped plates and drink out of Tesco Value wine glasses while your gorgeous vintage crockery and crystal glasses stay tucked away.

How can you feel special in scraped back hair and a hoodie? Make every day your “best” day #cheesealert

  • Be Postive

Princesses might have a reputation for sitting around looking fey waiting for people to rescue them, but I think that’s undeserved. Princesses get things done. Look at Snow White, she kicked those lazy Dwarfs into shape and got that house in order. She didn’t sit around feeling sorry for herself and moping over the life she lost.

Make the best of your situation and always remember that a smile goes a long way.

If none of this works it’s possible you need a Princess kick start. I recommend buying a huge frothy petticoat and wearing it while watching some great Princess movies (I suggest Enchanted

and A Little Princess) eat cupcakes and drink tea from delicate china cups. If that doesn’t work you might need to face it, you’re the wicked step mother…….