It’s a Bank Holiday Monday here in the UK.

I hear Americans have to go back to work, so if you’re American, I’m sorry. For me, however, I have a day of boot fairs and relaxing pampering baths with Lush Bath Bombs planned in order to make myself feel like a Princess when we return to the daily grind.

Over the long weekend I took the opportunity to pop down to Kent and visit some friends and family. Off to visit my Sister and Nephew on Saturday morning I wore what I thought was a pretty basic outfit, though it prompted my Mother to tell me I “didn’t dress like normal people”. You’ve seen most of the elements of it before on the blog, just not all together. You haven’t seen me do my hair this way though, and I got a proper photo of the racer stripes on my Red or Dead Addy tights, so I thought I’d post it.

❤ Scarf - Vintage ❤ Top - SPUN  ❤ Belt - Primark ❤ Skirt - GAP via a Charity Shop ❤
❤ Tights - Red or Dead ❤ Shoes - New Look via a Charity Shop ❤

The light outside that day was one of those overcast but super bright days that show up every single detail, but isn’t very flattering. If I was super rich and famous I might pay someone to walk around next to me with one of those light diffusing umbrellas all day, or maybe I wouldn’t because that could get irritating quite quick.

Mostly I spent the rest of the weekend trying to convince myself that this constituted a healthy balanced breakfast.

It didn’t, of course, and now I feel a little queasy and convinced that today is the day I will start on my new healthy lifestyle. I still have chocolate left, though, and vodka, and beer, oh, and some wine, so maybe I should get rid of all that first? Just to get temptation out of the way…