Today I thought I’d share with you a few things you might not have seen.

By seen, I mean read, on your internet travails. I participate in Independent Fashion Bloggers Links à la Mode each week, bringing you some lovely linkage from the blogosphere. But sometimes I read things that I want others to see, often I’ll share on Twitter but this week I’ve seen quite a few things I’d like to share and I thought it would be nice to bring them all together in a post.

I also want to give you a heads up as tomorrow my blog is TWO YEARS OLD!

I wrote my first rambling post on the 16th April 2008 and to celebrate I’ve organised a little giveaway for you which will go live tomorrow morning, so keep your eyes peeled!

Anyhoo, on with the main event:

Can you be “too old for vintage”? Oranges and Apples discusses the different approaches people take to wearing vintage clothing. Are you a Mix & Match kind of girl or Authentic Vintage?

My view? I like to mix and match. I generally find myself being drawn to Retro style and I love a top to toe vintage style look occasionally, but tomorrow I might fancy being a Rock Chick. That’s the wonder of being a Modern Woman, you can be a different person every day.

I think this is such a fun thing to do. Unless you’re buying your make up from a super expensive brand it probably comes in a dull plastic tube. Fine, but not pretty for public touch ups. I love the idea of reusing old containers for a new lipstick.

  • Cargo Cult Craft – Vintage video and giveaway: Anne Edwards, fashion expert under fire


One of my favourite blogs has shared some great wartime British Pathé shorts by Anne Edwards of Woman magazine attempting to help the poor beleaguered British Woman make the most of her pitiful wartime wardrobe.

She’s also giving away a sewing book, it’s open till Monday!

World Cup Fever is upon and if you’re planning on heading over to South Africa to watch it, in the bars or at the stadium then here are some ace tips from someone who actually lives there. This means she knows the weather, the streets, the people and the food. In fact there are some great tips here even if you’re not heading over to watch the football but just for a holiday!

I struggle with tipping. Restaurants is easy, you just leave it on the table, unless you’re too poor, in which case you run away and don’t go back for a couple of months. But cabs, hairdressers and hotels I really struggle with the etiquette of tipping. How do I give someone £2 without looking like an idiot? What do I say when I want to tip the shampoo girl at the hairdressers? This is a great simple guide to the basics of tipping, with more to come (as indicated by the words “Part one”)


Ladybird image by Hamed Saber