If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you might have heard about these shoes.

Just over a week ago I suddenly noticed a lot of bloggers writing about their free shoes, I tweeted about it and was contacted by Sarenza, the company concerned, to ask if I’d also like a free pair of shoes and to take part in their competition. (voting link is now at the bottom of the post! Scroll down!)

At first I said no, which *really* hurt, I turned down free shoes.

I was concerned about meeting their posting deadlines for entry into the Competition, but they offered to extend them. How could I turn that down?

To cut a long story short I finally got a pair of shoes from Sarenza today. These shoes that I developed a major crush on. I found the sheer amount of choice on the website a little over whelming, but, joyously, the shoes were worth the wait and are even nicer in person. I’m very glad to meet them.

Here I am wearing them in my favourite alley way (seriously, who has a favourite alley way?) and posing with my “new” bakelite telephone (I really enjoyed posing with the telephone, but sadly the light is bad in that corner of my house.)

❤ Silk Blouse - Monsoon via a Charity Shop ❤ Pencil Skirt - Lady K Loves ❤ Belt - Primark ❤
❤ Contrast seam stockings - Jonathon Aston ❤ Pearls - eBay & an Antique Market ❤ Shoes - Sarenza ❤

It seems Sarenza are a French company that are now launching in the UK, and they want to do it with a bang by enticing bloggers in with free shoes and a competition to win a trip to Paris. I LOVE Paris, and I would sorely love a free trip there, I promise if I do win I will take lots of pretty pictures, and I might even get something Parisian to use as a giveaway for you all.

Shortly you will see my ugly mug on the Sarenza blog amongst that collection of people at the bottom of the page. Then you may choose to vote for my picture and give me the chance of winning a trip to Paris.

Sadly, due to delays in getting the shoes, I will be about 5 days behind everyone else in the vote collecting stakes, but voting is open till the 15th and you can vote once a day, so I’m sure we can whip up a few votes, right?