Last year I started this series in order to give me an excuse to virtually nose around the wardrobes of some of my favourite bloggers.

It kind of faded out, but I’ve decided to revive it as I’m incredibly nosey.

Following on from Style Symmetry, Dramatis Personae and The Style PA this time I’m having a virtual wander round the wardrobe of blogger Intrinsically Florrie

Reasons you should read her blog:

I have never seen anyone pack so many different floral prints into one outfit.

She posts gorgeous photos of her adventures as a Debutante.

She has the loveliest smile.

She likes Macaroons and hydrangeas.

1. What was the first piece of vintage clothing you remember buying or owning?

I had to think on this one. There isn’t a vintage shop near to where I live and my family are a little nervous of online shopping, but I’ve long loved the thrill of finding something special in a charity shop and loved 40s and 50s. I think that technically it must have been only last year on a trip to Manchester, where it must be said there is the most amazing selection of vintage shops. I think the first one I went to is Cow where I got a purple with white polka dot crop top that I love to layer.

2. What was the last item of clothing you bought?

I actually went to Manchester only yesterday and among other things I got the most amazing vintage evening dress. It’s purple silk underneath with blue lace on top and I think it’s beautiful.

3. What is the most expensive item of clothing you’ve ever bought?

During my final few months GCSEs I was obviously a busy girl studying and didn’t have time for any shopping and so the money from my Saturday job built up. I went to a lecture at the Barber Institute in Birmingham and persuaded my Dad to take me to Selfridges first where I fell in love with a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag which then came home with me.

4. What’s your current favourite item of clothing?

Oh how am I to decide! There are several competitors from the worlds of designer, high street and vintage but I think I have to say my D&G LBD because it it such a stand out piece and so well cut.

5. Do you prefer heels or flats?

Heels. Flats have their place on long days out but I just feel a little sloppy in them. Fortunately walking in heels comes quite naturally to me and just a little heel makes me feel so much more ladylike.

6. Describe your style in 3 words.

Floral, feminine, eclectic

7. Skirts or trousers?

Most definitely skirts. One; most trousers simply don’t suit my figure nearly so well and I have trouble finding them. Two; I just love skirts! Dresses even more so, but skirts are great for mixing tops and so are more versatile.

8. How much do you spend on clothes in an average month?

Hmm, now I am a student who works for one and a half hours on a Saturday afternoon. My old mantra used to be ‘have money, will spend’ but I’m getting a little better now and like saving for a big trip. As I still live with my parents this does free up the fashion funds so I’d say over the year average about £70 a month but I’m really not sure.

9.How is your wardrobe organised?

I have two matching wardrobes side by side. One which is a little too full has a rail of evening dresses moving to day dresses. Cardigans and a few jumpers are next though I’m not particularly sure why, then skirts followed by the few pairs of trousers I own. I go on length and then colour. Above the rail is a shelve of accessories such as scarves, belts and hats which is also a little squished! On the floor there are my more casual and practical shoes. In the other wardrobe there is a slightly less chaotic rail of tops. Starting with corset tops it moves through vests and tee shirts too more fancy tops, but everything is in order of sleeve length. Within sections I like to place things by colour. Above this is a shelve holding my larger bags and there’s one lower down for smaller ones. Below the tops are my highest heels, but this area is overcrowded, especially with the addition of the all pairs which came in boxes. On the ground level there are the lower heels and even flats. To be honest I could do with both another bag shelve and another shoe shelve. For a while I had all my jewellery in, practical but not pretty, recycled ice cream tubs! But now I’m building up a collection of wicker baskets.

10. Are you sentimental about your clothes?

Oh yes, and this doesn’t just apply to clothes. I am a complete hoarder. Considering that some things were bought when I was 13/14, which actually isn’t too long ago, let’s just say my style has moved on. So I’m slowly clearing out, but too much in one go would be emotionally painful!