Well, the shortlist has been received, and I have picked my favourite!

Released for once, from the constraints of random.org I quite enjoyed choosing my favourite, though I’m glad I only had 5 to choose from, not the 184 the poor people at Sarenza had to whittle down.

There were some proper, laugh out loud funny comments on the post that really made my day and I wish I could dish out free shoes to everyone (lottery tonight!) but I can’t, so, my winner was the following little ditty

For making me laugh, services to poetry and unashamed sucking up, the £60 Sarenza shoe voucher goes to….

Jo Bryan of Given to Distracting Others!

Jo, your email has been passed to the lovely lot at Sarenza. They’ve been fairly efficient, so hopefully you should have a £60 voucher to spend on shoes very, very soon!

Retro Chick