Those of you that follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or read my blog on Friday will know I’ve been poorly.

I was determined to be well enough to go out Saturday night as I was finally letting Flamingo Amy loose on my hair to make me look like a vintage Princess. Thus it was that, technically still quite ill, I dragged myself down to Flint Hair in Bridewell Alley at 4pm on Saturday afternoon.

My half hearted attempt at setting my hair, and not properly brushing it out meant I arrived looking like a ball of frizz.

Flamingo Amy looked through some books with me and fetched me a glass of water to stop me coughing, then got to work tonging, pinning, backcombing, spraying and waxing.

An hour later I looked like this:

Seriously, I swear the woman is some kind of hair witch. There is no chance in hell I could ever recreate this on myself, not without eyes on stalks and arms like a russian shot putter.

If you want Amy to make you beautiful too she’s available at weekends at Flint Hair in Norwich, contact her via her vintage styling website, or through Flint Hair direct.

Of course, the point of all this beautifying was the Bo Nanafana Ju Ju Jamboree, so I went home and transformed myself into a voodoo princess in bright colours and skull print shoes.

You will notice 2 things in the below photographs, one is that I have scary glowing eyes. That’s the flash. I could have used Photoshop to edit them out but I thought they added to the voodoo vibe so I left them in. The other is that my skin looks chalky in close up. That’s the flash bouncing off the SPF in my foundation, which is why they always advise Brides not to wear foundation with SPF. Little bit of useful information for you there.

❤ Dress - Vintage ❤ Skull Print Shoes - eBay ❤ Bangles - River Island  ❤ Necklace - No idea! ❤

If you’ve found this post a little rambling that’s because I well and truly paid for my fabulous evening and I’m still pretty poorly. In fact today I have almost completely lost my voice, much to the delight of Mr Chick.

So I shall return to my sick bed and leave you with a few more photos snapped during the fabulous Bo Nanafana Ju Ju Jamboree. Excuse the quality as they were taken on an iPhone4 because my regular camera was too bulky to take with me. (Keep your eye on my Events page for details of the next Bo Nanafana!)